NeuroHub Drop-In Q&A Sessions

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 13:30to15:00
Free (registration required)

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The NeuroHub platform allows access to powerful computational tools for data processing and streamlined systems for secure storage and sharing of multi-disciplinary data.

During these drop-in sessions, the NeuroHub team will be able to discuss and answer any questions you may have about how NeuroHub can be used as part of your research activities. Prospective and current NeuroHub users are welcome to attend and ask their questions!

Some examples of questions may include:

· What types of data can be collected and stored within NeuroHub?

· How would a research group go about storing their data within NeuroHub?

· How is that data managed, accessed and shared?

· How can researchers access large datasets such as the UK Biobank using NeuroHub?

· Are there open science datasets that are accessible within NeuroHub?

· What data processing tools, pipelines and analysis tools are available in NeuroHub? How are those tools accessed and used?

· What tools for machine learning are available in NeuroHub?

For more information about NeuroHub, please consult the NeuroHub website or reach out to the NeuroHub support team at support [at] neurohub.ca.

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