Advanced Concepts of the NeuroHub Platform - NeuroHub Training Session


Register for the online workshop. Zoom link will be provided to registered attendees one day before the event.

Pre-requisite: Completion of the "Fundamentals of the NeuroHub Platform" Training session, or equivalent prior experience.

Workshop participants will gain hands-on experience with advanced components of NeuroHub through a series of practical exercises on their own computers. Participants will work both individually and in groups during the online workshop.

The topics that will be covered include:

  • Using the CBRAIN API
  • NeuroHub and JupyterHub Notebooks

By completing this training workshop, participants will be able to continue their exploration of more advanced concepts and elements of NeuroHub, and learn to leverage the advanced capabilities of the API for data exploration and analysis.

About NeuroHub

NeuroHub is an open platform that offers tools for efficient, collaborative and reproducible science in neuroinformatics, genomics, social sciences, biology and more. NeuroHub gives users access to streamlined systems for secure storage and sharing of multi- disciplinary data and powerful computational tools for data processing.

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