Core Objectives:

In integrating arts-based, participatory, and socio-ecological approaches through a Tri-Pillared Approach (Denov, Mitchell, Rabiau, Forthcoming), Global Child McGill aims to achieve the following key objectives:

Workshop in participatory visual methods for a project on children's safety, security, and housing in Nairobi, Kenya.
  1. Advance theoretical and conceptual knowledge on the well-being of war-affected children and families.

  2. Develop innovative methodologies that actively engage children and families in the research process.

  3. Develop, improve, and implement effective models of practice that support and empower children and families affected by war, displacement, poverty, and poor health.

  4. Influence national and international policy for war-affected children and families through the dissemination of knowledge and findings.

  5. Foster transdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships among researchers, practitioners, students, young people, and organizations.


A child's drawing depicts life during war in Northern Uganda.
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