Mette BendixenMette Bendixen

Assistant Professor
Arctic landscape change, Coastal geomorphology, Global sand scarcity, Sediment fluxes, Natural resources

Sebastien BreauSébastien Breau

Associate Professor
Economic & industrial geography, international trade, global city-regions & inequality

Prof. Gail Chmura

Gail Chmura

Biogeography, paleo-ecology and wetland dynamics

Prof. Oliver Coomes

Oliver Coomes

Environment & development in Latin America, peasant economy, livelihoods, conservation, tropical forests

Tim Elrick

Faculty Lecturer
Geographic Information Science

Benjamin Forest

Associate Professor
Political, social & urban geography

Prof. Margaret Kalacska

Margaret Kalacska

Associate Professor
Remote sensing, hyperspectral data analysis, machine learning, spatial modeling & tropical ecology

Prof. Michel Lapointe

Michel Lapointe

Associate Professor
Fluvial geomorphology, river ecosystem science and the conservation of river habitats

Yann le Polain de WarouxYann le Polain de Waroux

Assistant Professor
Land use/cover change, development, globalization

Prof. Bernhard Lehner

Bernhard Lehner

Associate Professor
Global hydrology

Graham MacDonald

Graham MacDonald

Assistant Professor
Global agriculture, food systems, land system science, sustainability.

Prof. Kevin Manaugh

Kevin Manaugh

Associate Professor
Sustainable Transportation, Spatial Justice, Decision making processes, GIS

Grant McKenzie

Assistant Professor
Spatial Data Science, GIScience, Behavioral Geography

Prof. Thom Meredith

Thom Meredith

Associate Professor
Environmental management, impact assessment, environmental conflict resolution in Canada

Prof. Tim Moore

Tim Moore

Soils, biogeochemistry, ecology of peatlands & climate change

Prof. Sarah Moser

Sarah Moser

Associate Professor
Cultural & urban geography

Prof. Ludger Müller-Wille

Ludger Müller-Wille

Human-environmental relations in the Arctic

Sherry Olson

Professor Emerita
Geography & environmental history

Prof. Wayne Pollard

Wayne Pollard

Professor Emeritus
Permafrost periglacial geomorphology

Mylene Riva

Assistant Professor
Indigenous Peoples' health; social determinants of health

Prof. Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson

Associate Professor
Environment development, institutions, ecosystem services, livelihoods, China

Prof. Nancy Ross

Nancy Ross

Social determinants of health, health inequalities in Canada, environment & obesity

Prof. Nigel Roulet

Nigel Roulet - Chair

Hydrologic, climatic, & ecosystems interaction in controlling the exchange of mass & energy at the earth's surface

Raja Sengupta

Associate Professor
GIS, spatial decision support systems, agent-based modeling

Prof. Renee Sieber

Renee Sieber

Associate Professor
Use of information technology by marginalized communities, community based organizations, & social movements

Prof. Ian Strachan

Ian Strachan

Associate Professor
Micrometeorological research, management and modification of ecosystems, surface-atmosphere interactions

Prof. Christian von Sperber

Christian von Sperber

Assistant Professor
Biogeochemistry, nutrient cycling in soils, stable isotopes

Prof. Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner

Development geography, Southeast Asian geography

Prof. Jon Unruh

Jon Unruh

Associate Professor
Human geography & international development, Africa

Prof. George Wenzel

George Wenzel

Professor Emeritus
Northern peoples, renewable resource harvesting in Arctic Canada, public policy

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