Petr Klimes, PhD

petr Petr is a biomedical engineer, specialized in human brain electrophysiology with a focus on intracranial EEG in epilepsy. He did his Ph.D. in Dr. Jurak's and Prof. Brazdil's research group in Brno, Czech Republic at the Czech Academy of Sciences and the St Anne's University Hospital Brno in collaboration with Dr. Worrell's lab located at Mayo Clinic, MN, USA.

During his postdoc at the MNI, Petr will focus on localization of epileptic focus from interictal, intracranial EEG by advanced signal processing techniques. The aim of this project is to develop an accelerated, stable and objective mapping process, based on seizure-independent EEG biomarkers. This automated localization algorithm will map the patient’s epileptic focus without a need for seizure recording, ideally within one day of patient’s hospitalization. The automatic analysis is objective, replicable, saves hours of work for the human scorer, reduces hospitalization time, the risk of epilepsy surgical failure and the risk of seizure recurrence after the surgery.

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