Dr. Frauscher's Lab for Analytical Neurophysiology seeks to employ a variety of quantifiable tools in order to shed light on neurophysiological and pathological processes    


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lab’s research interest


Sleep and epilepsy

 Investigation of the important interactions between sleep and epilepsy.

Seizure-independent EEG

Development of novel seizure-independent EEG markers for the epileptogenic zone in order to achieve a more accurate diagnosis of epilepsy.

Intracranial EEG to study the brain

The use of invasive intracranial EEG to study brain physiology during wakefulness and sleep in order to better delineate normal from abnormal brain activity. Our ultimate goal is to improve the care of people with epilepsy.














Key Publications:

Frauscher B, von Ellenrieder N, Dolezalova I, Bouhadoun S, Gotman J, Peter-Derex L. REM sleep saw-tooth waves are associated with widespread cortical activations. J Neurosci 2020;40:8900-12.

Peter-Derex L, Klimes P, Latreille V, Bahoudoun S, Dubeau F, Frauscher B. Sleep disruption in epilepsy: ictal and interictal epileptic activity matter. Annals of Neurology 2020;88:907-920.

Klimes P, Cimbalnik J, Brazdil M, Hall J, Dubeau F, Gotman J, Frauscher B. NREM sleep is the state of vigilance which best identifies the epileptogenic zone in the interictal electroencephalogram. Epilepsia 2019;60:2404-15.

Cuello Oderiz C, von Ellenrieder N, Dubeau F, Eisenberg A, Gotman J, Hall J, Hincapié AS, Hoffmann D, Job AS, Khoo HM, Minotti L, Olivier A, Kahane P, Frauscher B. Seizure induction by cortical stimulation predicts surgical outcome. JAMA Neurology 2019;76:1070-1078.

Frauscher B, von Ellenrieder N, Zelmann R, Dolezalova I, Minotti L, Olivier A, Hall J, Hoffmann D, Nguyen DK, Kahane P, Dubeau F, Gotman J. Atlas of the normal intracranial electroencephalogram: Neurophysiological awake activity in different cortical areas. Brain 2018;141:1130-44.


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