Eva Peslova, MD

Eva Peslova is a neurology resident, currently specializing in the field of epileptology at Saint Anne´s University Hospital Brno in the Czech Republic (FNUSA). Mentored by Prof. Brazdil in her current PhD pursue, her work focuses on connectivity measures and high-frequency oscillations as assessed with stereo-electroencephalography. Her previous work focused on brain morphometry in temporal lobe epilepsy. In 2015 she underwent an internship at Mayo Clinic, Minnestota at Prof. Gregory Worrel´s lab, and she was awarded with a Brno Municipality PhD Talent Scholarship in 2016.

In June 2019 she visited Birgit Frauscher´s lab at the MNI in order to establish a collaboration on projects on SEEG analyses between the MNI and FNUSA.




Scientific Work:

Peslova, E., Marecek, R., Shaw, D.J., Kasparek, T., Pail, M., Brazdil, M., 2018. Hippocampal involvement in nonpathological deja vu: Subfield vulnerability rather than temporal lobe epilepsy equivalent. Brain Behav. 8. https://doi.org/10.1002/brb3.996

Peslova, E., Sladky, V., Klimes, P., Dolezalova, I., Brazdil, M., 2018. Functional Connectivity In High Frequencies (80-300 Hz) Decreases Inside The Seizure Onset Zone At The Seizure Start. Epilepsia 59, S267–S267.

Dolezalova, I., Peslova, E., Michnova, M., Necasova, T., Kocvarova, J., Musilova, K., Rektor, I., Brazdil, M., 2016. Epilepsy Surgery Improves Quality of Life - Results of a Questionnaire Study. Ceska Slov. Neurol. Neurochir. 79, 430–439.


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