Ariella Eisenberg

Ariella is a third year undergraduate Physiology student at McGill. She worked in the Frauscher lab as a summer student in 2018 and is currently working on a research project as part of her degree.

During her time as a summer student, Ariella worked with Dr. Carolina Cuello-Oderiz and the team involved in the publication of the article titled “Association of Cortical Stimulation-Induced Seizure With Surgical Outcome in Patients With Focal Drug-Resistant Epilepsy” in JAMA Neurology.

Ariella’s current project, which she is working on under the supervision of Dr. Laure Peter and Dr. Véronique Latreille, focuses on thermocoagulation. The aim of her project is to understand the acute modifications in sleep following thermocoagulation in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy, by comparing sleep architecture from patients before and after treatment.

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