Selected Publications

Publication Policy

Publication throughput from the facility is important for the funding and sustainability of FEMR. A list of publications produced in collaboration or accessing the research infrastructure of FEMR is an important part of the Annual Report to the Vice-Principal-Research & International Relations and the Faculty of Medicine.

In those projects where FEMR staff provide data collection-only services on user provided ready-to-image specimens, the following acknowledgements should be included in the publication: 

  1. In the data collection section of your Materials and Methods section, please mention the data were collected on a (specify microscope here) electron microscope located at the Facility for Electron Microscopy Research at McGill University. 

  2. In the acknowledgements section of the paper, please recognize the assistance provided by FEMR staff. For example: We thank ________ and ________ at the Facility for Electron Microscopy Research of McGill University for help in microscope operation and data collection. 

In those projects where FEMR staff enable customized approaches for data collection or add significant intellectual contributions to overcome extra difficulties and make the work possible, the expectation is FEMR staff involved in the project will be listed as co-author(s). 

After the paper is published, please complete and submit the publication reference via the submission webform or send the pdf reprint of the paper or complete citation to stephen.sears [at] (subject: Publication%20Citation) (S Kelly Sears)

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