FEMR infrastructure is used in three research domains - for life and biomedical sciences, materials sciences and engineering, and physical and chemical sciences. Some of the major research programs that currently access on a regular basis the infrastructure of FEMR are those affiliated with the following centres: Groupe de Recherche Axé sur la Structure des Protéines (GRASP), Centre for Bone and Periodontal Research, Centre for Self-Assembled Chemical Structures (CSACS), Biomedical Science and Technology Research Group, and Membrane Protein Research Group.

Research Groups using FEMR



Research Interests

mark.andrews [at] (Mark Andrews) Chemistry, McGill Materials chemistry
parisa.ariya [at] (Parisa Ariya) Chemistry, McGill Bioaerosols: Impact on Chemistry and Physics of the atmosphere; chemical transformation of mercury in the atmosphere and air/snow/water interface; halogens in the marine boundary layer and interactions with airborne organics

jake.barralet [at] (Jake Barralet)

Faculty of Dentistry, McGill

Inorganic-organic material interactions for production of biomimetic materials, new orthopaedic biomaterials and controlled release

amy.blum [at] (Amy S Blum) Chemistry, McGill Novel nanostructured devices and materials through self assembly
jdbobyn [at] (J.D. Bobyn) Biomedical Engineering Design and function of joint replacement implants, particularly for the hip and knee
Scott.Bohle [at] McGill.CA (D. Scott Bohle) Chemistry, McGill Biochemistry in the malaria parasite, and chemical biology of nitric oxide
thomas.bureau [at] (Thomas Bureau) Biology, McGill Molecular evolution of genes and genomes, with an emphasis on the involvement of mobile elements in the evolution of developmentally important genes
Michel.Cayouette [at] (Michel Cayouette) IRCM
Cellular neurobiology
richard.chromik [at] (Richard Chromik) Mining & Materials Engineering, McGill Aerospace coatings; Tribology; Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS); Mechanical behavior of materials at reduced length scales (thin films, nano-grained materials, nanoscale devices
claverie.jerome [at] (Jerome Claverie)  Chemistry, UQaM Polymer chemistry
Gonzalo.Cosa [at] McGill.CA (Gonzalo Cosa) Chemistry, McGill Understanding cellular signaling and cellular function in disease and health and developing faster diagnostics for disease detection
james.coulton [at] (James Coulton) Microbiology & Immunology, McGill University Transport of essential nutrients across the cell envelope of Gram-negative bacteria
Louis Cuccia Chemistry & Biochemistry, Concordia

Folding and self-organization of bio-inspired foldamers and macrocycles; chiral symmetry breaking; dynamic combinatorial chemistry

Sam J. Daniel MUHC Studying hearing loss related to middle ear disease, and ototoxicity (or damage to the ear by drugs, chemicals, and noise)
%20elaine.davis [at] (Elaine Davis) Anatomy & Cell Biology, McGill

Role of the extracellular matrix in cell signaling, vascular development and disease, intracellular protein trafficking

michel.desjardins [at] (Michel Desjardins) Pathology & Cell Biology, UdM

Phagolysosome Biogenesis

Adi.Eisenberg [at] McGill.CA (Adi Eisenberg) Chemistry Self-assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers
ted.fon [at] (Ted Fon) Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill

Molecular events leading to the degeneration of dopamine neurons in Parkinson's disease.

raynald.gauvin [at] (Raynald Gauvin)

Mining & Materials Eng., McGill

Nanoscale characterization of materials

gervais [at] (Guillaume Gervais) Physics, McGill Low temperature nanoscience

subhasis.ghoshal [at] (Subhasis Ghoshal)

Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, McGill

Development of remediation technologies for contaminated soil and groundwater

grutter [at] (Peter Grutter) Physics, McGill Scanning probe microscopy and the interdisciplinary application of these techniques
%20louis.hermo [at] (Louis Hermo) Anatomy & Cell Biology, McGill

Structure and function of the male reproductive system with particular interest on the testis and epididymis.

ashraf.ismail [at] (Ashraf Ismail)

Food Sci. & Agricultural Chem., McGill

Applied infrared spectroscopy, combined immunoassay / FTIR techniques

david.juncker [at] (David Juncker)

Biomedical Engineering, McGill

Development of novel micro & nanotechnologies for bioengineering at microscopic scales

mari.kaartinen [at] (Mari Kaartinen)

Faculty of Dentistry, McGill

Characterization of the polymerization process of osteopontin and other bone and tooth proteins

mojtaba [at] (Mojtaba Kahrizi) Electrical & Computer Engineering,
Concordia University
Design, modeling, and fabrication of Nano/Micro systems with application in sensing and photonics
%20Ashok.Kakkar [at] McGill.CA (Ashok Kakkar) Chemistry, McGill Synthetic methodologies that lead to "Efficient Materials" for catalysis and photonics
Pat.Kambhampati [at] McGill.CA (Patanjali Kambhampati ) Chemistry, McGill Nanoscience, quantum dots, semiconductors, ultrafast spectroscopy, femtosecond lasers, nonlinear spectroscopy, excitons, relaxation dynamics, quantum dynamics, optoelectronic devices, solar cells, spintronics.
Timothy Kennedy Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill

Developmental neurobiology, axon guidance, axon regeneration, synapse formation and plasticity

andrew.kirk [at] (Andrew Kirk) Electrical & Computer Engineering, McGill 3D Micro and nano-optics; Free-space optical interconnects and devices; Optical MEMS
richard.leask [at] (Richard Leask) Chemical Engineering, McGill Engineering analysis to understand human cardiovascular pathologies and device failure
%20paul.lasko [at] (Paul Lasko) Biology, McGill

Oogenesis and pole plasm assembly using the model organism Drosophila melanogaster, a.k.a. the fruit fly

Bruce.Lennox [at] (R. Bruce Lennox) Chemistry, McGill Structure/property relationships of classes of molecules that form interfaces and nanomaterials
craig.mandato [at] (Craig Mandato) Anatomy & Cell Biology, McGill

The role of cytoskeletal components in cell division, cell motility and cellular wound healing.

dusica.maysinger [at] (Dusica Maysinger)

Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill

Mechanisms of drug actions, signalling mechanisms in cell survival & differentiation

%20marc.mckee [at] (Marc McKee) Dentistry, McGill

Mineralized tissues and extracellular matrix biology, pathologic calcification, bone and tooth cell biology, osteopontin, matrix Gla protein.

Peter McPherson

Neurology & Neurosurgery
Montreal Neurological Institute

Molecular mechanisms of clathrin-mediated trafficking. Role of trafficking processes in neurological disease.

Audrey.Moores [at] (Audrey Moores) Chemistry, McGill Green chemistry
carlos.morales [at] (Carlos Morales) Anatomy & Cell Biology, McGill

Biogenesis of lysosomes; lysosomal sphingolipid activator proteins (SAPs) targeting Mechanisms of lysosomal proteins studies on reproduction

sasha.omanovic [at] (Sasha Omanovic)

Chemical Engineering, McGill

Bioelectrocatalysis for new biotechnologies

joaquin.ortega [at] (Joaquin Ortega) Anatomy & Cell Biology, McGill

Understanding the biology underlying new antimicrobial targets.

%20jeanne.paquette [at] (Jeanne Paquette) Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill Chemistry and crystallography of carbonate minerals
Mihribin.Pekguleryuz [at] (Mihribin Pekguleryuz) Mining & Materials Engineering, McGill Light metals in transport applications
%20john.presley [at] (John Presley) Anatomy & Cell Biology, McGill

Transport and sorting of proteins in the secretory pathway, role of coat proteins in sorting from the Golgi apparatus.

maurice.ptito [at] (Maurice Ptito) Optometry, UdM Experimental neuropsychology
%20dieter.reinhardt [at] (Dieter Reinhardt) Anatomy & Cell Biology, McGill

The biology of extracellular microfibrillar systems in normal and pathological situations, identification of modifier genes in microfibrillopathies such as Marfan Syndrome.

linda.reven [at] (Linda Reven) Chemistry, McGill Structures which form via the self-assembly of macromolecules, nanoparticles and small molecules in solution and at surfaces. The main research themes are polymer assemblies at interfaces, self-assembled monolayers and nanoparticles dispersed in organic matrices
%20isabelle.rouiller [at] (Isabelle Rouiller) Anatomy & Cell Biology, McGill

Structure and function of macromolecular machines using high-resolution molecular electron microscopy.

msacher [at] (Michael Sacher) Biology, Concordia University

Membrane traffic in the early secretory pathway, the role of vesicle tethering complexes in health and disease

hyman.schipper [at] (Hyman Schipper) Lady Davis Institute Oxidative stress, brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases
martin.schmeing [at] (Martin Schmeing) Biochemistry Structure and function of macromolecular machines
yixin.shao [at] (Yixin Shao) Civil Engineering Civil engineering materials and their structural applications
Hanadi.Sleiman [at] McGill.CA (Hanadi Sleiman) Chemistry, McGill Interaction of small organic and inorganic molecules with DNA; synthesis of advanced materials; biomimetic materials, which can undergo self-assembly using non-covalent interactions
a.sik [at] (Attila Sik) Neuropharmacology & Neurobiology, Univ. Birmingham Cellular mechanisms and the effect of altered oxygen on working memory; antiepileptic effect of gap junction blockers using transgenic animals, viral methods and multichannel recording
James Simmer
Jan Hu
Charles E. Smith
Dentistry, University of Michigan
Anatomy & Cell Biology, McGill
Mechanisms of enamel formation and mineralization
frieder.schoeck [at] (Frieder Shoeck) Biology, McGill Cell-matrix adhesion and the actin cytoskeleton

maryam.tabrizian [at] (Maryam Tabrizian)

Biomedical Engineering, McGill

Nanoparticles for controlled release systems and tissue engineering, nanocoating, biorecognition systems

elitza.tocheva [at] (Elitza Tocheva)

Biochimie et médecine moléculaire, Université de Montréal

Structure and function of the bacterial cell envelope

simon.tran [at] (Simon Tran)

Faculty of Dentistry, McGill

Tissue engineering an artificial salivary gland; Salivary gland tissue regeneration using cell therapy (such as peripheral blood stem cells or salivary gland progenitor cells); Periodontal ligament stem cells

nathalie.tufenkji [at] (Nathalie Tufenkji)

Chemical Engineering, McGill

To relate microscopic measurements of biocolloid – surface interactions to macroscopic bench scale observations

vali [at] (Hojatollah Vali) Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill Nanostructure characterization of biological and nonbiological interfaces
Theo.Vandeven [at] McGill.CA (Theo G.M. van de Ven ) Chemistry, McGill Colloid and interface science and their relations to papermaking chemistry
srikar.vengallatore [at] (Srikar Vengallatore) Mechanical Engineering, McGill Development of micromachining processes for biomaterials; Integration of biomaterials with micromachined silicon platforms; Design and fabrication of implantable sensors
Teodor.Veres [at] (Teodor Veres) NRC-IMI

Nanostructured functional materials, nanolithography

tamara.western [at] (Tamara Western) Biology, McGill
lyle.whyte [at] (Lyle Whyte) Natural Resources Science, McGill Polar microbial ecology and biodiversity, cold-adapted microorganisms, low temperature biodegradation, astrobiology
A.E. Williams-Jones Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill Genesis of hydrothermal mineral deposits
Françoise Winnik Chem. & Pharmacy, U de Montréal Polymer science, self-assembly, nanotechnology
Julian Zhu Chemistry, U de Montréal Polymer chemistry, with emphasis in both polymer synthesis and characterization