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1801 de Maisonneuve West, 3rd Floor
Montreal, QC
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Douglass Dalton, M.D., Education Director

With the consent of the McGill Department of Family Medicine, a student may choose to do the four weeks of their urban clerkship experience at CLSC Métro. The student should have an interest in learning about practising family medicine in the context of the Québec public health network. The student would normally engage in clinical activities at the CLSC for most of the time, with formal teaching sessions held about once a week off-site in conjunction with the other clerkship students at other sites. Teaching is by case discussion, with the possibility to book follow-up of patients as time permits. The walk-in service should provide the student with a wide range of presenting complaints which are common to ambulatory medicine.

Description of Student Activities:

The student will be offered the opportunity to experience a family practice in a CLSC setting. She/he will learn how the CLSC’s fit into the health care system, and how the services offered might complement the student’s future practice.

Although it is not possible to predict which presenting complaints the student will be faced with during their rotation, one can expect to have a thorough review of STI screening, treatment and prevention. Common infectious diseases will also be reviewed, as well as routine office gynaecology and paediatrics. The student may also request to spend some time with the home care department.