Our Researchers

Members of the Research Division are all faculty members  who dedicate a significant portion of their time to conducting and/or participating in research activities and communication of scientific activities.  The members consist of core researchers who receive some salary support for research and related activities, as well as clinicians and faculty who participate actively in some research projects.  All members are invited to the bi-monthly departmental meetings to share research directions and advise on all department-wide research related issues. The meetings are open to all department members who do research.

The research members also provide training and support in family medicine and primary healthcare research to medical students (summer research seminars for medical students with research bursaries), family medicine residents (through research workshops and support to the Clinician Scholar Program), graduate students (through the MSc and PhD (ad hoc) in family medicine research) and clinical and teaching faculty (research support).

To learn more about our core researchers (research interest, publications, grants), choose from the menu on the left. Please note that the access to publications offered via Scopus and Pubmed may not reflect the exact scope of our researchers' publications (can be mis-represented with same name researchers working in the same field)