Mark Yaffe

Mark Yaffe
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mark.yaffe [at]

mark.yaffe [at] (Mark J. Yaffe, BSc, MDCM, MClSc, CCFP, FCFP)

Professeur, Medicine de famille, Dept. de Medicine de famille, St. Mary's Hospital Centre

Intérêts de recherche:
(1) Family Caregiving: (a) the impact of caregiving on lifespan developmental tasks; (b) aspects of caregiving for those with depression, stroke, and other illnesses; (c) interface between family physicians and family caregivers, and factors that impact on such encounters; (c) methods to teach caregiver issues to families, and to medical trainees;
(2) Elder Abuse: (a) development of tools to detect it; (b) roles of health professionals in identifying mistreatment of seniors; (c) Elder abuse knowledge translation; see the Elder Abuse Suspicion Index
(3) Depression: (a) detection and management of depression in the adult population; (b) collaborative care in depression diagnosis and treatment; (c) defining and measuring the experience of collaborative care in depression management;
(4) Patient Self-care: Depression and / or Chronic Physical Illness.

Mots-clés: Family Caregiving; Elder Abuse; Depression Management; Patient Self-Care

Projets: Elder Abuse Suspicion Index (EASI)

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