A word of appreciation to Dr. Audrey Juras for her dedication to Faculty Development


Published: 2Oct2019

It is with much gratitude that we salute Dr. Audrey Juras for her leadership as Director of the Faculty Development Program for the McGill University Department of Family Medicine; a position she has held for nearly four years from which she has now stepped down.

In her role as Director, Dr. Juras has grown faculty development in Family Medicine using multiple strategies, most notably through the implementation of the Faculty Development Curriculum, delivered to all teaching units through an innovative blended distance learning platform supported by the Family Medicine Innovations in Learning (FMIL) program. Additionally, she also played an important leadership role in the development of the International Faculty Development Leadership program in China and Brazil.

“Dr. Juras has been instrumental in the advancement of the Faculty Development Curriculum course,” says Dr. Howard Bergman, Chair of the Department of Family Medicine. “In the 2018-2019 year, over 110 of our full-time faculty members have successfully completed the course, representing close to half of our full-time faculty staff.”

In recognition of her teaching work and innovations, she was named to the 2018-2019 Faculty of Medicine Honour List for Educational Excellence.

Dr. Juras continues to be a leading clinician educator at the CLSC Metro and the Herzl Family Practice Centre. Please join us in thanking Dr. Audrey Juras for her tremendous work and exceptional contribution to Faculty Development.