Opinion: A prescription for Quebec's health-care system


Published: 22Nov2018

On Oct. 22, 2018, a panel of experts convened at McGill University’s Department of Family Medicine for a round-table discussion on the state of primary care in Quebec. Three former Quebec cabinet ministers — Claude Castonguay, Jean Rochon and Michel Clair — as well as professor of political science and health policy scholar Antonia Maioni offered their views on the actions required to improve the Quebec health-care system. Despite marked differences in their professional backgrounds and political affiliations, the panelists agreed on the current needs of our primary care system: a decentralization of decision-making, an increase of transparency concerning health-care costs and outcomes, an expansion of the role of multidisciplinary primary care and a shift in tone (increased collaboration) among stakeholders.

To read more, click here. This opinion piece, written by Matthew Hacker Teper and Claire Godard-Sebillotte (graduates students in the Department of Family Medicine), was initially published in the Montreal Gazette on November 14, 2018.