Job posting : Postgraduate Director in the Department of Family Medicine


Published: 25Feb2014

Department of Family Medicine, McGill University

Director of Postgraduate Residency Program



Reporting directly to the Chair of the Department as well as to the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education, the Program Director is responsible for the overall conduct of the integrated residency program.  Time commitment is estimated at 2 days/week (averaged over the year but is variable).


The responsibilities of the program director are:


  1. The development and operation of the residency program such that it meets the general standards of accreditation, and the specific standards set forth by the accrediting colleges;
  2. Is Chair of the Postgraduate Education Committee (this includes chairing of various sub-committees);
  3. The selection of residency candidates for admission to the program.
  4. The maintenance of an appeal mechanism and the evaluation and promotion of residents in the program in accordance with policies determined by the Faculty Postgraduate Medical Education Committee.
  5. Attend monthly meetings of the Faculty of Medicine’s Postgraduate Education Committee.
  6. The establishment of mechanisms to provide career planning and counseling for residents to deal with day-to-day problems that arise.
  7. The ongoing review of the program to assess the quality of the educational experience and to review the resources available in order to ensure that maximal benefit is being derived from the integration of the components of the program.  The opinions of the residents must be among the factors considered in this review.  This includes:
  • An assessment of each component of the program to ensure that the educational objectives are being met;
  • An assessment of resource allocation to ensure that resources and facilities are being utilized with optimal effectiveness;
  • An assessment of teaching in the program, including teaching in the areas such as biomedical ethics, medico-legal considerations, teaching and communication skills, related to quality assurance/improvement, equity issues, and administrative and management issues;
  • An assessment of the teachers in the program.
  • Responsible for overseeing program accreditation (documentation/visits).
  • Represent the Postgraduate Division at the Departmental Executive Committee.
  • Network with other program directors within Quebec and nationally.

    Interested individuals should send their letter of intent and curriculum vitae to:


    Rosa Coppola, Human Resources/Academic Affairs Administrator

    Dept. of Family Medicine, McGill University

    rosa.coppola [at] ()



    Application Deadline:  March 31, 2014

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