Job Posting: Director of the CFPC Emergency Medicine Enhanced Skills Program


Published: 20Jun2019

Job Description

Reporting to the Enhanced Skills Program Director and the Postgraduate Residency Program Director as well as the Chair of Family Medicine, the CFPC (EM) Enhanced Skills Program Director is responsible for the overall conduct of the CFPC (EM) Enhanced Skills certification/residency program. Time commitment is estimated 1 day/week (averaged over the year but is variable) - .2 FTE.

The responsibilities of the program director, assisted by the residency program committee include:

  1. The development and operation of the Emergency Medicine Enhanced Skills residency program such that it meets the general standards of accreditation, and the specific standards set forth by the accrediting colleges;
  2. The selection of residency candidates for admission to the program.
  3. The maintenance of the evaluation and promotion of residents in the program in accordance with policies determined by the Faculty Postgraduate Medical Education Committee.
  4. Chairing the CFPC(EM) education program meetings (four/year) and ensuring another clinician teacher chairs the promotion committee meetings.
  5. Attending the Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Committee meetings (approximately 4-6 times per year).
  6. The establishment of mechanisms to provide career planning and counseling for residents to deal with day-to-day problems that arise.
  7. Insuring an almost daily presence or accessibility to deal with any ongoing residency issues that arise.
  8. Insuring that the administration and management of the program is properly organized.
  9. Insuring that the support personnel of the program adequately support the residents and the program on a daily and ongoing basis.
  10. 10. The ongoing review and improvement of the program to assess the quality of the educational experience and to review the resources available in order to ensure that maximal benefit is being derived from the integration of the components of the program. The opinions of the residents must be among the factors considered in this review. This includes:
    - an assessment of each component of the program to ensure that the educational objectives are being met;
    - an assessment of resource allocation to ensure that resources and facilities are being utilized with optimal effectiveness;
    - an assessment of teaching in the program;
    - an assessment of the teachers in the program in conjunction with the Chair of the department.
  11. Preparing FLEX or remedial programs for the CFPC(EM) residents requiring extra training.
  12. Networking with other program directors within Quebec and nationally.
  13. Attending the biannual meetings of the National Family Medicine Emergency Medicine Residency Directors Committee.

Required Skills

  1. The candidate should have experience in coordinating/managing medical students/residency programs.
  2. The candidate should have strong leadership and organizational skills.
  3. The candidate should have the ability to network and coordinate training, schedules, formal teaching curriculum and programs.
  4. The candidate must be bilingual.

Interested individuals should send their letter of intent and curriculum vitae to acad-hr.fammed [at] (Rosa Coppola), Academic Affairs Advisor. 
Deadline to apply: July 5, 2019

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