Krista Lawlor: 25 years of service with McGill University

Congratulations to Krista Lawlor, Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, for her 25 years of service at McGill University.

Dr. Lawlor graduated from McGill medical school and went on to complete her family medicine residency at St. Mary’s Hospital. She started her clinical career living and working in James Bay for four years but it was her early love for palliative care that brought her back to Montreal to continue her training and to practice palliative care full-time.

Dr. Lawlor completed a fellowship in palliative medicine at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) under the mentorship of Dr. Balfour Mount and Dr. Ina Cummings, followed by a fellowship in pediatric palliative medicine at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. She subsequently joined the Supportive and Palliative Care team at the Montreal University Health Centre (MUHC) and is currently the medical director of St. Raphael palliative care home and day center.

Dr. Lawlor is an associate member of the Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology at McGill and has worked as Program Director for Palliative Medicine as well as Site Director at the RVH and Clinical Teaching Unit Director at the MUHC. To develop her teaching skills, she completed the McGill Teaching Scholar program, focusing her research on compassion in medical education. She is currently a faculty member of McGill Programs in Whole Person Care.

Congratulations Dr. Lawlor!

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