David Felipe Ortiz Paredes granted CIHR Doctoral Scholarship

Congratulations to David Ortiz-Paredes, general physician and former member of the Department's Family Medicine Education Research Group (FMER), who has been granted a CIHR Doctoral Scholarship for his PhD in Public health and health promotion at the École de santé publique de l’Université de Montréal. His thesis title is “Cannabis and mental health: understanding the needs of educational interventions tailored to LGBTQ2+ youth.” His supervisor is Olivier Ferlatte and his co-supervisor is Rod Knight.

His research interests in health professions education focuses on medical professional identity, communication skills, and medical empathy training. His research interests in public health and health promotion focuses on health education, mental health, substance use, infectious diseases, sexual health, and LGBTQ+ health. He is also interested in qualitative methodologies and knowledge synthesis.

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