10 Years Celebration of LFME at Gibby’s!

Image by Marie Moucarry. From left to right: Goldie Marmor, Leonora Lalla, Despina Harbilas, Laurie Musgrave, Yvonne Quan, Katia Faustini, Sheila Zoghaib (front).

On May 18th, the Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience (LFME), an innovative course which provides first-year medical students with early exposure to Family Medicine, celebrated its 10-year anniversary at Gibby’s, Old Montreal’s renowned steakhouse and seafood restaurant. Fifty preceptors were honored by Dean David Eidelman and Dr. Marion Dove for their outstanding work guiding medical students on their first journey into the complex and stimulating world of clinical medicine. The event was moderated by Dr. Yvonne Quan, Director of LFME, as well as Sheila Zoghaib, Curriculum Administrator for the Undergraduate Program.

“When I talk to first year medical students, they always mention LFME as one of the highlights of their experience. Your contributions to the LFME program are crucial to its success and to helping us meet the goals of our educational program,” said Dean Eidelman. “We know how important family doctors are to the healthcare system, they are the very foundation and patients know this too. As preceptors you are among the first role models of our students. You have a unique opportunity to leave a positive and meaningful impression of a family doctor’s role.”

Dr. Marion Dove, Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, also gave some touching words. “As LFME preceptors, you have all played a crucial role in making sure the next generation of family physicians are equipped to deliver successful patient-centered care. Thank you for the investment of your time, expertise, and mentorship. You have sown the seeds in the lives of hundreds of students, and they will remember this experience for the rest of their professional journeys,” she adds.

Dr. Leonora Lalla, one of the founders of LFME, was also present and gave some historical background behind the creation of the course. Having started as an LFME student and ending up as a preceptor, Dr. Anita Raj also gave a powerful testimony. She was accompanied by her LFME preceptor, Dr. Mark Karanofsky, who has taught LFME students for all 10 years of the program. The evening ended with a thank you video message from the class of 2023 cohort as well as special gifts to honor the preceptors who have been with LFME for over a decade.

Here are the preceptors who have been with LFME since its early beginnings:

  • Christopher Abadir
  • Yael Acre
  • Robert Carlin
  • Douglass Dalton
  • David Dannenbaum
  • Anne Marie Dollois
  • Wendy Estevez
  • Naveen Garg
  • Kim Gloutney
  • Roland Grad
  • Catherine Haskins
  • John Hughes
  • Zeubin Irani
  • Emman Kabangu
  • Mark Karanofsky
  • Bertrand Lebouché
  • Goldie Marmor
  • Sofia Mojica
  • Louise Quintal
  • Anthony Rizzuto
  • Mark Roper
  • Hélène Rousseau
  • Anjana Srinivasan
  • Valerie Stuckey
  • Jeremy Victor
  • Mihai Christain Zaharia
  • Magdy Zoghby


Thank you once again to all our LFME preceptors - here’s to another great 10 years!

The purposes of the Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience course are to provide students with early exposure to primary care and to provide an opportunity for clinical correlation with themes introduced in other components of the curriculum. The students practice history-taking and physical examination skills in a clinical setting and are paired with a preceptor to attend patient sessions starting in the first month of medical school. If you are interested in becoming an LFME preceptor and finding out about the benefits included, click here for more information: https://www.mcgill.ca/familymed/education/undergrad/lfme/preceptors/benefits

Check out the photo gallery below. Photos taken by Marie Moucarry.

Photo gallery: https://www.mcgill.ca/familymed/10-years-celebration-lfme-gibbys?page=0%2C0

Thank you videos messages:

https://youtu.be/85ESpB5OFCI (from Dean David Eidelman)

https://youtu.be/vNqx3OH4EmI (from the students)



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