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Anne Cockcroft
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anne.cockroft [at] (Anne Cockcroft  MB BS MD FRCP FFOM)

Professor, Dept of Family Medicine

Anne Cockcroft is a clinician and global public health researcher with a background in respiratory and occupational medicine in the UK. Working with a research and training NGO (CIET) since 1994, she has undertaken large scale community-based participatory research projects in some 20 countries, especially in South Asia and Southern Africa, and in Canada. She has studied access to and experience of health and other services by the most vulnerable, working with them, and with service providers and policy makers to use evidence to develop equitable and effective services. Most of her research is in resource-poor settings: First Nations in Canada, and the poorest populations of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

In the last decade, her work has focussed on co-designing interventions, implementing them, and measuring the impact. She led a trial of structural interventions for HIV prevention in Botswana (INSTRUCT). Her current work includes a randomised controlled trial of universal home visits to reduce maternal and child morbidity in Bauchi State, Nigeria; a linked participatory study to design an intervention to address short birth interval (kunika); and a study of structural interventions to reduce gender violence in Botswana.

Dr Cockcroft trains health planners and researchers in Southern Africa in evidence-based planning. She recently led a project funded by the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) to train HIV researchers and health planners, in English, French and Portuguese, leading to a Certificate from McGill Family Medicine.

Projects: Community Information for Empowerment and Transparency (CIET); Inter-ministerial National Structural Intervention Trial (INSTRUCT); Nigeria home visits; Nigeria child spacing; Botswana reducing gender violence.

Keywords: Global health, implementation research, participatory research, social audit, structural interventions, community-based research, HIV prevention, gender violence, maternal and child health, cluster randomised controlled trials.




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