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Contact the fcc.fod [at] (Facilities Call Centre) at fcc.fod [at] or 514 398-4555

Office of the Associate Vice-Principal

Mondou, Denis Associate Vice-Principal, Facilities Management
and Ancillary Services
514-398-8192             robert.couvrette [at] (Email)
McCall, John Senior Director, Administration 514-398-2428 VICTORIA.PERCIVAL-HILTON [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Matteau, Karyne Office Manager 514-398-4010 karyne.matteau [at] (Email)
Grimm Trotta, Roberta           Administrative Coordinator 514-398-7384       roberta.grimmtrotta [at] (Email)
Danieli, Christina Senior Administrative Coordinator 514-398-2926 christina.danieli [at] (Email)
(Vacant) Process Improvement Analyst    
(Vacant)             Legal Counsel    
Fortier, Julie Communications Manager 514-398-4558 JULIE.C.FORTIER [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Broekstra, Nienke Agente aux communications numériques 514-398-2308 nienke.broekstra [at] (Email)
Basstawrosse, Moheb Finance Officer, Ancillary Services 514-398-3056 moheb.basstawrosse [at] (Email)

Building Operations & Facilities Call Centre

Building Operations is responsible for the maintenance of facilities and buildings on the downtown campus and the maintenance and operation of building systems (HVAC, electrical, etc.). We provide plumbing, electricity, carpentry, and painting services, among many others.

Pietromonaco, Pasqualino Senior Director, Operations 514-398-4455 - Ext. 00183 pasqualino.pietromonaco [at] (Email)
Roy, Luc Director 514-398-2533 luc.roy [at] (Email)
Doré, Émilie Assistante administrative 514-398-5722 emilie.dore [at] (Email)
Cherrier, Raymond Manager, Building Envelope 514-398-3660 RAYMOND.CHERRIER [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Mossa, Rebecca Supervisor, Building Envelope 514-824-6336 rebecca.mossa [at] (Email)
Zmarlak, Debra-Lee (on leave) Receptionist / Secretary 514-398-6067 debra.zmarlak [at] (Email)
Bender, Christopher Supervisor, Facilities Call Center 514-398-6995 CHRISTOPHER.BENDER2 [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Young, Joyce Administrative Coordinator 514-398-6994 JOYCE.YOUNG [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Fournier, Christian Dispatcher 514-398-4555 christian.fournier2 [at] (Email)
Orsini, Melissa Dispatcher 514-398-4555 melissa.orsini [at] (Email)
Sookdeo-Gilkes, Sasha Dispatcher 514-398-4555 SASHA.SOOKDEO-GILKES [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Tognarini, Giuseppe Inventory Control Administrator 514-398-5486 GIUSEPPE.TOGNARINI [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Haywood, Patrice Storekeeper 514-398-1773 PATRICE.HAYWOOD [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)

Building Services and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds provides cleaning and custodial services, landscaping services, grounds, turf and vehicle maintenance and maintenance of outdoor furniture.

Pietromonaco, Pasqualino Senior Director, Operations 514-398-4455 - Ext. 00183 pasqualino.pietromonaco [at] (Email)
Lazaris, George Director 514-398-6205 george.lazaris [at] (Email)
Sarmiento, Ysabel Administrative Coordinator 514-398-4560 ysabel.sarmiento [at] (Email)
Pinto, Gaby Manager 514-398-3727 gaby.pinto [at] (Email)
Ducharme, Michel Assistant Manager 514-821-2810 michel.ducharme2 [at] (Email)
Pomerantz, Kendra Sustainability, Contracts & Special Projects
514-398-6612 /
514-515-5364 (cell)
kendra.pomerantz [at] (Email)
Mascetti, Luca Supervisor, Grounds and Vehicle Maintenance 514-398-4603 /
luca.mascetti [at] (Email)
Champagne, Eric Horticulture Supervisor 514-398-5895 Eric.Champagne [at] (Email)
  For more Building Services contacts, see this page.    

Campus Planning and Development

(under construction)

Bolduc, Sophie Director, Campus Planning and Development 514-398-1222 sophie.bolduc [at] (Email)
Knight, Emilie Adjointe Administrative 514-398-4969 emilie.knight [at] (Email)
Poon, Eva Secretary 514-398-2268 eva.poon [at] (Email)
(Vacant) Director, Development Projects    
Karasick, Brian Manager Space Allocation & Compliance 514-398-4411 brian.karasick [at] (Email)
Glenn-Rigny, Susanne Senior Campus Planner 514-398-3397 susanne.glenn [at] (Email)
Katkhouda, Roula Senior Campus Planner 514-398-4308 roula.katkhouda [at] (Email)
Goldstein, Erica Senior Campus Planner, Real Estate and Strategic Projects 514-398-3039 erica.goldstein [at] (Email)
Tattersfield, Ian Geospatial Database Officer 514-398-4669 ian.tattersfield [at] (Email)
Marier, Michele Space Data Administrator 514-398-4414 michele.marier [at] (Email)
Lorange, Jacquine Director, Strategic Master Plan Initiatives 514-398-4418 jacquine.lorange [at] (Email)
Dudeck, J. Adam Planificateur principale des campus 514-398-3481 carlos.ramirezovalle [at] (Email)
Glenn-Rigny, Susanne Planificatrice principale des campus 514-398-3397 susanne.glenn [at] (Email)
Marques da Cunha, Renata Planificatrice principale des campus 514-398-4713 renata.marques [at] (Email)
Mac Elwee, Andrea Planificatrice principale des campus   andrea.macelwee [at] (Email)
Mansouri, Attieh (on leave) Campus Planner 514-398-5942 attieh.mansouri [at] (Email)
Ramirez Ovalle, Carlos Campus Planner 514-398-4567 carlos.ramirezovalle [at] (Email)
Vespa, Sandra Campus Planner 514-398-5942 sandra.vespa [at] (Email)
(Vacant) Lease Administrator    

Campus Public Safety

Campus Public Safety’s mission is to promote a safe and secure environment for the McGill community through education, prevention and response. See the Campus Public Safety contact list here.

The unit is comprised of:

  • Emergency Management and Preparedness
  • Security Services
  • Fire Prevention
  • Parking and Transportation Services
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Hazardous Waste Management

Design Services

Design Services establishes design and construction standards, prepares plans and technical specifications for small construction/renovation projects and oversees the work of external design consultants hired for the larger construction/renovation projects.

Lapointe, Emmanuelle Director 514-398-8884 emmanuelle.lapointe [at] (Email)
Pajani, Silvana Associate Director, Design Services 514-398-4568 silvana.pajani [at] (Email)
Dagenais, Andrée Senior Administrative Coordinator 514-398-4584 andree.dagenais [at] (Email)
Zuccalli, Rosanna Administrative Coordinator 514-398-8446 rosanna.zuccalli [at] (Email)
Cavalier, Cyril Design Manager 514-398-6285 cyril.cavalier [at] (Email)
Glenn, Jeremy Landscape Architect 514-398-6198 jeremy.glenn [at] (Email)
Langlois, Emilie Landscape Architect 514-398-1035 emilie.langlois-patterson [at] (Email)
Gremillet, Lakmé Charlotte Architect, Teaching and Learning Spaces 514-398-2986 lakme.gremillet [at] (Email)
Hamrouni, Aimane Architect 514-398-6720 aimane.hamrouni [at] (Email)
Harris, Aleyne Building Technologist 514-398-7524 aleyne.harris [at] (Email)
(Vacant) Building Technologist    
Leung, Winncie Architecte principale, Espaces de recherche 514-398-7694 winncie.leung [at] (Email)
Manoleva, Vesna Small Project Designer 514-398-5007 vesna.manoleva [at] (Email)
Mansell, Tom Building Technologist 514-398-2549 tom.mansell [at] (Email)
(Vacant) Manager Technical Design    
Pierlet, Christine Building Technologist 514-398-5203 christine.pierlet [at] (Email)
Romo Vasquez, José Eduardo Sustainability Projects Officer 514-396-1612 jose.romovazquez [at] (Email)
St-Jean, Philippe Sustainability Construction Officer 514-398-7196 [at] (Email)
Tomkinson, Jennifer (on leave) Design Manager 514-398-5208 jennifer.tomkinson [at] (Email)
Lucifero, Adriana Administratrice d’ameublement (intérimaire) 514-398-5209 adriana.lucifero [at] (Email)
Hung, Yu Hui Design Administrator 514-398-5758 yu.hung [at] (Email)

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety supports the continuous improvement of a safety culture at the University by providing advice, guidance, training, and technical support to the McGill community. Environmental Health and Safety is part of Campus Public Safety.

See the EHS staff list here

Events Support

Events Support is responsible for the physical set-up of all major University events and works closely with the Events Booking office and timetable coordinators in the faculties.

Lazaris, George Director 514-398-6205 george.lazaris [at] (Email)
Darveau, Nakita Events Support Supervisor 514-220-2740 (cell)
514-398-7266 [at] (Email)
Baggio, Pietro Events Support Attendant 514-398-3776 SPECIAL.EVENTS [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Silva Rego, Paulo Events Support Attendant 514-398-3776 paulo.rego [at] (Email)
(Vacant) Events Support Attendant 514-398-3776  


The Logistics team manages FAMIS and other software used by FMAS teams.

Métivier, François Director, Logistics 514-398-5162 Francois.metivier [at] (Email)
Ramos, George Business Process Manager 514-398-4660 GEORGE.RAMOS [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Panosky, Stephane Business Process Manager   stephane.panosky [at] (Email)
Vespa, Sandra (on developmental leave) Portfolio Analyst 514-398-7083 sandra.vespa [at] (Email)

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Management provides or arranges for hazardous waste collection and disposal services and assistance in the event of an accidental release of hazardous materials. Hazardous Waste Management is part of Campus Public Safety.

See the HWM staff list here.

Le James Bookstore

Kack, Jason General Manager 514-398-6909 jason.kack [at] (Email)

Macdonald Campus Operations

The Macdonald Campus Operations team is responsible for the maintenance and building operations across the campus, including grounds maintenance, cleaning, plumbing, electricity, carpentry, and painting.

Pietromonaco, Pasqualino Senior Director, Operations 514-398-4455 - Ext. 00183 pasqualino.pietromonaco [at] (Email)
Crane, John Associate Director 514-398-8609              john.crane [at] (Email)
Stewart, Brenda Administrative Coordinator 514-398-7533 brenda.stewart [at] (Email)
Aquilo, Danilo Assistant Supervisor, MAC HVAC & Trades 514-398-7829 danilo.aquino [at] (Email)
Lenhan, Shane           Supervisor, Custodial Services 514-398-7744       shane.lenhan [at] (Email)
Loupelle, Steffan Assistant Supervisor, Mac HVAC & Trades 514-977-7444 steffan.loupelle [at] (Email)
(Vacant) Supervisor, Mac Campus Care 514-398-7720  
Walsh, Eugene         Supervisor, Mac HVAC & Trades 514-398-7940 eugene.walsh [at] (Email)

Mail Services

Mail Services is responsible for the collection, processing and dispatching of internal and external mail for McGill University, as well as specific delivery services.

Contact Mail Services

Printing Services

Printing Services is the on-campus source of production printing for the McGill community. We handle the printing of both stationery (standard and personalized) and custom documents.

Contact Printing Services

Project Management

Project Management leads and directs the construction/renovation projects carried out on McGill property or other McGill facilities, including consultant and contractor tendering, selection, and contract award.

Ouellet, Jean Director 514-398-3168 jean.ouellet [at] (Email)
Noriega, Erika Senior Administrative Coordinator 514-398-3893 erika.noriega [at] (Email)
Guay, Johanne Associate Director 514-398-8857 johanne.guay2 [at] (Email)
Himmo, Nuha Associate Director 514-398-6654 nuha.himmo [at] (Email)
Laroche, Marie-Chantal Associate Director 514-398-5986 marie-chantal.laroche [at] (Email)
Brosseau, Sophie Process Manager 514-398-5204 SOPHIE.BROSSEAU [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
  See Icône PDF full staff list
(updated Aug. 2, 2021)

Risk Advisory and Insurance Services

The mission of Risk Advisory and Insurance Services is to promote and advance the use of risk management practices in order to protect McGill University's human and physical resources.

Maro Coric Director 514-398-4400 / Ext. 00413 maro.coric [at] (Email)
Melissa Ng Wan Risk Analyst 514-398-4400 / Ext. 09596 melissa.ngwan [at] (Email)
Patrick Ritchie Risk, Insurance and Claims Analyst 514-396-1120 patrick.ritchie [at] (Email)
All general inquiries [at] (Email)

Utilities and Energy Management

Utilities and Energy Management manages the operation of the University’s chilled water plants, central steam plants, main electrical network, city water main network and used water main network. We also service as liaison with the City of Montreal and all utilities providers.

Pietromonaco, Pasqualino Senior Director, Operations 514-398-4455 - Ext. 00183 pasqualino.pietromonaco [at] (Email)
Conraud, Jerome Director 514-398-5870 jerome.conraud [at] (Email)
Elvir, Martha Administrative Coordinator 514-398-7096 martha.elvir [at] (Email)
Gauthier, Kevin Manager, Downtown Powerhouse 514-398-4767 kevin.gauthier [at] (Email)
Sinclair, Claude Manager, Electrical Services 514-398-2702 claude.sinclair [at] (Email)
Samson, Frédéric Energy Manager 514-398-8290 frederic.samson [at] (Email)
Josh Huizinga, Josh Energy Manager 514-398- 7723 joshua.huizinga [at] (Email)
Saulnier, Martin Assistant Manager - Electrical Services 514-398-3350 martin.saulnier [at] (Email)
Manzone-Pilon, Francis Utilities Services Engineer 514-398-6851 francis.manzonepilon [at] (Email)

Human Resources

Goddard, Alissa Senior Human Resources Advisor 514-398-4586 alissa.goddard [at] (Email)
Radman, Milenka Human Resources Advisor 514-398-3280 alissa.goddard [at] (Email)
Esmail, Soraya Human Resources Advisor 514-398-5103 soraya.esmail [at] (Email)
Lopez, Karina Disability Management Advisor 514-398-1809 KARINA.MIRALOPEZ [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Castro Plata, Maria Alejandra Human Resources Coordinator   maria.castroplata [at] (Email)
Panchbhaya, Aysha Human Resources Administrator 514-398-3312 aysha.panchbhaya [at] (Email)
Pleszkewycz, Stephan Human Resources Administrator   stephan.pleszkewycz [at] (Email)


Sorella, Luana Director 514-398-2261 LUANA.SORELLA [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)
Wilkins, Tara Associate Director FSFM 514-398-4573 tara.wilkins [at] (Email)
Jacob, Rhonn Supervisor FSFM 514-396-1134 rhonn.jacob [at] (Email)
Leroux, Marc Supervisor FSFM 514-398-2394 marc.leroux [at] (Email)
Araujo, Roxana (on leave) Accounts Administrator 514-396-1132 roxana.araujo [at] (Email)
Brown, Karen Accounts Administrator 514-398-4574 karen.brown2 [at] (Email)
Guadagno, Michael Accounts Administrator 514-396-1322 michael.guadagno [at] (Email)
Li, Ping Accounts Administrator 514-398-4410 ping.li1 [at] (Email)
Saif, Rizana Accounts Administrator 514-398-5507 rizana.saif [at] (Email)
Tasnim, Lamia Accounts Administrator 514-398-1300 lamia.tasnim [at] (Email)
Wong, Yooklin Accounts Administrator 514-398-4312 YOOKLIN.WONG [at] MCGILL.CA (Email)


General Information / Inquiries     feedback.purchasing [at] (Email)
Levesque, Petrouchka Associate Director 514-398-8115 petrouchka.levesque [at] (body: %0A) (Email)
Piggott, Adrienne Manager, Procurement Process
and Governance
514-398-3253 adrienne.piggott [at] (Email)
De La Torre, Emily Procurement Administrator 514-398-2569 emily.delatorre [at] (Email)
Barone, Uga Lead Buyer 514-398-7382 uga.barone [at] (Email)
Branche, Pham Lead Buyer 514-398-7225 pham.branche [at] (Email)
Centorame, Carmela Lead Buyer 514-398-8597 carmela.centorame [at] (Email)
Duplessis, Nancy Lead Buyer 514-398-5741 nancy.duplessis [at] (Email)
Garand, Marie (on leave) Lead Buyer 514-398-4911 marie.garand [at] (Email)
Papadakis, Nektaria Lead Buyer 514-398-8556 nektaria.papadakis [at] (Email)
Silva, Laura Lead Buyer 514-398-4911 laura.silva [at] (Email)
Trinh, Tran Lead Buyer 514-398-5367 tran.trinh [at] (Email)
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