Experimental Medicine Graduate Students' Society (EMGSS)

The Division of Experimental Medicine is comprised of faculty members with diverse research interests in biomedical sciences and students from a wide variety of cultural and educational backgrounds, creating a uniquely rich social and academic environment. The Experimental Medicine Graduate Students' Society (EMGSS), composed of a Council, the working body of the Society, and its membership, the graduate students and alumni of Experimental Medicine, was formed to promote and defend the rights, welfare and interests of its members, as well as to enhance their educational, social, cultural and environmental conditions.

In their inaugural year (1995), the EMGSS began publishing the Division's first newsletter, Experimental Lifestyles, which has been changed to “EUREKA”. This publication serves as both a forum for news within the Division as well as a voice for the society at large. The news letter is published in October and February of every year. Submissions can be made at any time by e-mail or by regular mail to the Division Office c/o EUREKA. It is also available online as a pdf format.

As a society, the EMGSS organizes the Annual McGill Biomedical Graduate Conference (AMBGC), as well as hosting a variety of non-academic social and sporting events.

To view their website, go to https://emgss.org/  

They can be contacted at emgss.pgss [at] mail.mcgill.ca

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