Dr. Matthew Hunt

Academic title(s): 

Assistant Professor - School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
Associate Member - Department of Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine

Dr. Matthew Hunt
Contact Information

Hosmer House
3630 Promenade Sir-William-Osler,
Montreal, Qc, H3G 1Y5

(514) 398-4400 ext. 00289
Email address: 
matthew.hunt1 [at] mcgill.ca
Current research: 

Dr. Hunt conducts research related to ethics of global health practices and research, and on equity of rehabilitation services. Current research projects include inquiries into the ethics of research and innovation in disaster relief, wait list management and equity of access to physiotherapy in Canada, and ethics of humanitarian health policy and practice. He also leads a capacity building project focused on rehabilitation providers in Haiti.


1. Ethics of conducting research in situations of disaster.
2. Equity in the design and implementation of health policy.
3. Examination of ethics in access to rehabilitation services.

Selected publications: 
Research areas: 
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