Tanya Matitia

Tanya Matitia
Contact Information
Email address: 
tanya.matitia [at] mail.mcgill.ca

BSc ( Biological Sciences), University of Montreal  

Current Graduate Students
Current research: 

I care about sustainability in resource management and human impact at large scale. I wish for my future to work internationally and bring solutions to environmental problems companies are facing. As for now, my thesis investigates the in-use stock of the “things” humans create with the materials extracted from the Earth. My work is part of a bigger project to create a complete Earth system model that fully integrates the global human system (developed at the Integrated Earth System Dynamics lab). My intellectual side is always stimulated, but I stay balanced by doing all kinds of activities, from horseback riding to surfing, and expressing my creativity in many different ways.

Graduate supervision: 

Eric Galbraith

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