Nicolas Cowan

Associate Professor 
Academic title(s): 

Canada Research Chair in Planetary Climate

Nicolas Cowan
Contact Information
Email address: 
nicolas.cowan [at]
  • PhD Astronomy, University of Washington (2009)
  • BSc Physics, McGill University (2004)
Areas of expertise: 

Exoplanets, Planetary climate, Remote sensing 

  • EPSC/PHYS-186 Astrobiology
  • ATOC/PHYS-404 Climate Physics
Selected publications: 
  • Modelling the atmosphere of lava planet K2-141b: implications for low and high resolution spectroscopy, T. Giang Nguyen, Nicolas B. Cowan, Agnibha Banerjee, John E. Moores, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 499, 4605, 2020.

  • Keeping M-Earths Habitable in the Face of Atmospheric Loss by Sequestering Water in the Mantle, Keavin Moore & Nicolas B. Cowan, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 496, 3786, 2020.

  • A Universal Nightside Temperature on Hot Jupiters due to Nocturnal Clouds, Keating, D., Cowan, N. B., Dang, L.., Nature Astronomy, 3, 1092, 2019.

  • An empirical infrared transit spectrum of Earth: opacity windows and biosignatures, Macdonald, E. J. R., Cowan, N. B.., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 489, 196, 2019.

  • Three direct imaging epochs could constrain the orbit of Earth 2.0 inside the habitable zone, Guimond, C.M. & Cowan, N.B., Astronomical Journal, 157, 188, 2019.

  • Increased Heat Transport in Ultra-Hot Jupiter Atmospheres Through H2 Dissociation/Recombination, Bell, T. J. & Cowan, N. B., Astrophysical Journal Letters, 857, 20, 2018.

  • Detection of a Westward Hotspot Offset in the Atmosphere of Hot Gas Giant CoRoT-2b, Dang, L., Cowan, N. B., Schwartz, J. C., Emily Rauscher, Michael Zhang, Heather A. Knutson, Michael Line, Ian Dobbs-Dixon, Drake Deming, Sundararajan, S., Jonathan J. Fortney, Ming Zhao, Nature Astronomy, 2, 220, 2018.

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