Fiona D'Arcy

Fiona D'Arcy
Contact Information
Email address: 
fiona.darcy [at]

MSc (Volcanology), McGill University with course abroad at University of Alaska Fairbanks 

BSc (Geology), University of Ottawa exchange semester at the University of Iceland

Current Graduate Students
Current research: 

My research focuses on how we can interpret changes in volcanic gas chemistry to understand volcanic systems. I am particularly interested in carbon dioxide, as this is one of the most common yet sensitive components of volcanic gas. In my PhD, I examine the geochemistry of gases, trees, and minerals in order to forecast magmatic changes at highly dynamic volcanoes. In addition to my research, I am passionate about communicating science with the public, through virtual talks for school groups and in my volunteer work at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Graduate supervision: 

John Stix

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