Conference Schedule (overview)

Wednesday May 22nd (held at Trottier Building, Main Campus) (descriptions)


Propensity Score Analysis in the Context of Complex Survey Data

Location: Trottier 0060

Ehsan Karim


Bayesian Causal Inference for Experimental and Observational Studies

Location: Trottier 1080

Fabrizia Mealli, Fan Li, Peng Ding, Laura Forastiere, Georgia Papadogeorgou


The tlverse software ecosystem for causal inference

Location: Trottier 1090

Mark van der Laan,  Alan Hubbard, Nima Hejazi, Ivana Malenica, Rachael Phillips

Graphical Model Identification Theory For Causal Inference and Missing Data Problem

Location: Trottier 1100

Ilya Shpitser, Jamie Robins
13:00-16:00 Workshop

An Introduction to Instrumental Variables Methods

Location: Trottier 0060

Luke Keele, Hyunseung Kan
16:30-17:45 Meeting

Meeting to discuss the establishment of a new society for causal inference

Location: Trottier 1090

18:00-20:00 Mixer

Junior Researcher Mixer

Location: 425 Rue Mayor

Drink tickets available
Thursday May 23rd (held at New Residences 3625 Avenue du Parc)
08:15-08:30 Welcome Welcome address Mireille Schnitzer
08:30-10:00 Symposium

Causal Inference Challenges in Air Pollution Research

Location: New Residence Hall A

Danielle Braun, Georgia Papadogeorgou, Joseph Antonelli, Joshua P. Keller, Laura Forastiere
10:30-12:00 Paper session

When randomization is not enough

Location: New Residence Hall C

Adam Sales, Jaffer Zaidi, Daniel Malinsky, Eytan Bakshy

Optimization methods for causal inference

Location: New Residence Hall A

Adam Kapelner, Michele Santacatterina, Nathan Kallus, Nikos Ignatiadis
13:30-15:00 Symposium

Unpacking the role of conditional inference in causality

Location: New Residence Hall A

Colin Fogarty, Luke Keele, Nicole Pashley, Zach Branson, Peng Ding
Paper session

Heterogeneity and generalization in economics

Location: New Residence Hall C

Adel Daoud, Jacqueline Mauro, Magdalena Bennett, Rahul Ladhania
15:30-17:00 Symposium

Causal Inference with Network Interference

Location: New Residence Hall C

Alex Volfovsky, Betsy Ogburn, Fredrik Savje, David Puelz, Panos Toulis

Advances in Difference-in-Differences and Synthetic Control Methods

Location: New Residence Hall A

Avi Feller, David (Skip) Hirshberg, Peng Ding, Dmitry Arkhangelsky
17:00-19:00 Poster

Contributed Poster Session

Location: New Residence Hall B

Drinks and and food provided
20:00-22:30 Mixer

Conference mixer with Entertainment

Location: McKibbin's Irish Pub, 3515 Boulevard Saint Laurent

Cash bar
Friday May 24th (held at New Residences 3625 Avenue du Parc)
08:30-10:00 Symposium

Data Competition Announcement

Thomas R. Ten Have and Awards

Targeted Smooth Bayesian Causal Forests for Heterogeneous Time-varying Treatment Effects (Starling)

Learning When-to-Treat Policies (Nie)

Location: New Residence Hall A

Jennifer Starling, Xinkun Nie
10:30-12:00 Symposium

Methodological issues and trial emulation

Location: New Residence Hall A

Eleanor Murray, Ellen Caniglia, Mats J. Stensrud, Robert Platt, Lucia Petito
Paper session

Mediation and heterogeneity in public health

Location: New Residence Hall C

Ivan Diaz, Dr Margarita Moreno-Betancur, Maria Cuellar, Michael Johnson
13:30-15:00 Panel

What can decision theory and causal inference teach each other?

Location: New Residence Hall A

Ilya Shpitser, Lu Wang, Teddy Seidenfeld, Giovanni Parmigiani, Michael Kosorok, Stephen Cole, James Robins

Continuous/Multivariate Exposures or Mediators in Causal Inference

Location: New Residence Hall C

Chanmin Kim, Fabrizia Mealli, Rachel Nethery, Xiao Wu






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