EBOH 50th Anniversary Conference

In honour of our department's 50th Anniversary (1964-2015), EBOH held a two-day scientific conference on April 30th and May 1st, 2015 at the Faculty Club. 

Conference program [PDF]


Videos [link to EBOH YouTube playlist]



What is the Role of Schools of Public Health in the 21st century? A Panel of Deans

File Pierre Fournier - Why a School of Public Health in the 21st Century? (Presented by Michèle Rivard)

Health Services and Policy

File jean-louis_denis_eboh_50th_conference_presentation.pptx

Occupational and Environmental Health

File howard_hu_eboh_50th_conference_presentation.pptx

Epidemiology Across the Lifespan

File michael_kramer_eboh_50th_conference_presentation.pptx

File jay_kaufman_eboh_50th_conference_presentation.pptx

File rebecca_fuhrer_eboh_50th_conference_presentation.pptx

File Christina Wolfson - The Past Shapes the Future

The problem of attrition in longitudinal studies of the elderly

PDF icon david_clayton_eboh_50th_conference_presentation.pdf

2015 EBOH Student Research Day – Best Presentations

File rhiannon_kamstra_eboh_50th_conference_presentation.pptx

Office presentation icon Brooke Levis Presentation

Biostatistics for the 21st Century

PDF icon biostat-and-survey_worlds-mcgill-talouis.pdf

Clinical Epidemiology in the Era of Big Data

File samy_suissa_eboh_50th_conference_presentation.pptx

Global Health

File david_peters_eboh_50th_conference_presentation.pptx


We would also like to thank everyone who submitted a poster to be shown at the conference.  See the list of poster presentations here:

PDF icon 20150429_eboh_poster_listing_50th_conference.pdf




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