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The McGillMcGill Environment Students' Society logo Environment Students’ Society (MESS) represents undergraduate and diploma Environment students at McGill University.

MESS holds a variety of events each year of both academic and social focuses.

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                           2022-23 Executive

Co-President  Olivia Anderson (She/They) B.A.&Sc. Interfaculty Environment, GSFS, Email: olivia.anderson2 [at], LinkedIn:

Co-President Tali Pukier (She/Her) B.A. (Hons) Environment and Development, Economics, Jewish Studies, Email: tali.pukier [at], LinkedIn:

VP Academic — Emma Bergeron Quick (She/Her), B.A Environment - Environment and Development Minor in GIS, Email: emma.bergeronquick [at], Linkedin:

VP Communications — Mahi Kandae (She/Her), B.A. Environment and Development, Minor in Psychology, Email: mahi.kandage [at], Linkedin:

VP Finance — Jasmine Johns (She/Her), B.A. Environment - Ecological Determinants of Health in Society, Minor in Microbiology and Immunology, Email: jasmine.johns [at], LinkedIn:

VP Student Life — Jane Weber (She/Her), B.A. Environment - Ecological Determinants of Health in Society Domain, Geography (Urban Studies), Email: [at], LinkedIn:

VP Events — Adela Agnew (She/Her), B.A. Geography - Urban Studies, Environment, Email: adela.agnew [at], LinkedIn:

VP Ext – AUS — Amrita Karia (She/Her), B.A. Environment - Ecological Determinants of Health and Society, Minor in Immunology and Microbiology, Email: amrita.karia [at], LinkedIn:

VP Ext – SUS — Aglaé Lambert (She/Her/Elle), B.Sc. Environment - Water Environments and Ecosystems, Indigenous Studies, Email: aglae.lambert [at], mess [at]

VP Ext – ASUS — Eva Kellner (She/Her), B.A. Sc. Interfaculty Program in Environment, Minor in Russian Culture, Email: eva.kellner [at]

VP Ext – Mac — Anna Pieper (She/Her), B.Sc. (Agr. Env.) Environment, Email: anna.pieper [at]

U1 Rep — Scarlet Chapman (She/Her), B.Sc Environment- Ecological Determinants of Health (Cellular), Minor in Psychology (Sc.), Email: scarlet.chapman [at], Linkedin:

U1 Rep — Sydney Xiong (She/Her), B.A. Environment - Economics and the Earth’s Environment, Email: sydney.xiong [at], LinkedIn:


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