MSE Public Lecture - Jodi Hilty


New Residence Hall 3625 avenue du Parc, Montreal, QC, H2X 3P8, CA
Free admission. Open to the public.

Please join us as we welcome Jodi Hilty

Tuesday, March 14 @ 6:00 pm

New Residence Hall

Admission is free and all are welcome.

Making the Case for Large Landscape Conservation

Given climate change and the decline of species globally, the world needs to shift to large landscape conservation. The Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) represents one of the first large landscape collaborative visions in the world, and similar efforts have been initiated around the world.  Achieving large landscape conservation requires protecting core areas and connecting them.  To do so, requires cutting-edge science, community-based engagement, and enabling policy and management conditions.  In the twenty years since the inception of the Y2Y vision, protected areas in the region almost doubled, management designations on other lands also increased conservation value, and the region went from few wildlife crossing structures to arguably the most progressive wildlife crossing structures. Evidence from science, Y2Y and other large landscape efforts offer a number of lessons of how we need to move forward to continue to achieve conservation at scale.

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