Graduate Student Placement

This page gives a detailed list of recent PhD students from McGill's Department of English as well as an overview of the professional and academic trajectories of MA students. If your name appears here and you would like your listing changed - or if your name doesn't appear here and you would like your listing added - please pascale.theoret-groulx [at] (email your request) to Pascale Théorêt-Groulx, Departmental Website Assistant.

MA Student Placement

McGill’s Master’s program in English is an ideal place to pursue a range of ambitious career goals. Our graduates have gone on to many prestigious doctoral programs and other rewarding employment. Recent MAs have been accepted into PhD programs at the University of Chicago, Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, the University of Toronto, Brown University, the University of London, and many other top programs throughout North America and the UK (including McGill’s). Graduates from the MA program have gone on to teach at Montreal-area CEGEPS and high schools, while others have found jobs in university administration internationally (student affairs, grants offices, university development, and other areas), publishing, editing, journalism, communications, marketing, law, technical writing, literary management, creative writing, acting, theatrical production and administration, NGOs, and government ministries.

PhD Student Placement

PhD Student Name Convocation Year Supervisor Current Position and Institution
Lewton-Brain, Anna 2022 Kenneth Borris  Professor, Dawson College
Outhwaite, Patrick 2021 Michael Van Dussen Assistant Professor, University of Southern Maine
Quirk, Catherine 2020 Tabitha Sparks Lecturer in Drama, Edge Hill University
Harkin, Keelan 2019 Allan Hepburn Course Lecturer, McGill University, Concordia University
Stunden, Sarah 2019 Edward Schantz Course Lecturer, Writing Tutor, McGill University
Taylor, Megan 2019 Peter Sabor  
Barth, Josie Torres 2019 Edward Schantz Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies, Bucknell University
Mason, Dancy 2018 Miranda Hickman Editor in Chief,
McCormick, Casey 2018 Ned Schantz Course Lecturer, McGill University
Ownbey, Carolyn 2018 Allan Hepburn Assistant Professor, Golden Gate University, San Francisco
Buckley, Ariel 2017 Allan Hepburn Content Manager, Lightspeed HQ
Ducusin, Marc 2017 Tabitha Sparks Actor, Writer/Editor
Gilchrist, Bruce 2017 Dorothy Bray Instructor, John Abbott College; Part-Time Faculty Member, Concordia University
MacDonald, Brad 2017 Tabitha Sparks Teacher, Marionopolis College; Copyrighter and Storyteller, MADISON MELLE agency
Ross, Shaun 2017 Maggie Kilgour Assistant Professor, Victoria College, University of Toronto
Fish, Tom 2016 Erin Hurley Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre and Resident, Kennesaw State University
Henderson-Cameron, Laura 2016 Brian Trehearne Postdoctoral Fellow, Ryerson University
Pinder, Kait 2016 Brian Trehearne Assistant Professor, Acadia University
Barootes, Benjamin 2015 Michael Van Dussen Harrison McCain Foundation Visiting Professor, Acadia University
Gélinas-Faucher, Claudine 2015 Robert Lecker Pedagogical Counsellor, CEGEP Champlain St. Lawrence
Pfefferle, Justin 2015 Allan Hepburn Instructor, Dawson College, Bishop's University
Sigg, Anna 2015 Sean Carney Instructor, John Abbott College
Barkley, Danielle 2014 Tom Mole and Tabitha Sparks Career Educators, The University of British Columbia
Clarke, Amanda 2014 Sean Carney Advisor, Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects, Concordia University
Hoffman, Tiffany 2014 Paul Yachnin Instructor, Trent University
Holland, Joanne 2014 Peter Sabor MD student, University of Calgary
Weingarten, Jeffrey 2014 Brian Trehearne Professor, Fanshawe College
Derdiger, Paula 2013 Allan Hepburn Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota-Duluth
Essert, Emily 2013 Miranda Hickman Director of Corporate Giving, Guthrie Theater
Havens, Hilary 2013 Peter Sabor Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Holmgren, Lindsay 2013 Ned Schantz and Martin Kreiswirth Associate Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University
Huffels, Nathalie 2013 Tabitha Sparks Professor, Marianopolis College
Morris, Blair 2013 Paul Yachnin Professor, Marianopolis College
Whittington, Ian 2013 Allan Hepburn Associate Professor, University of Mississippi
Wittek, Stephen 2013 Paul Yachnin Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Cockburn, Amanda 2012 Paul Yachnin and Fiona Ritchie Department of English Chairperson, Dawson College
Krzakowski, Caroline 2012 Allan Hepburn Associate Professor, University of Northern Michigan
Oberer, Karen 2012 Wes Folkerth Student Affairs Advisor/Administrator, McGill University
Rackham Hall, Michelle 2012 Brian Trehearne Instructor, Algonquin College
Beenstock, Zoe 2011 Monique Morgan Assistant Professor, University of Haifa
Coodin, Sara 2011 Michael Bristol and Wes Folkerth Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
Phipps, Gregory 2011 Peter Gibian Assistant Professor, University of Iceland
Rivlin Beenstock, Zoe 2011 Monique Morgan Lecturer, University of Haifa
Scott, Amy 2011 Paul Yachnin Instructor, Humber College
Shea, Jennifer 2011 Wes Folkerth Instructor, Dawson College
Wry, Joan 2011 Peter Gibian Professor, Saint Michael’s College
Dawes, Martin 2010 Maggie Kilgour SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto
Deshaye, Joel 2010 Brian Trehearne Assistant Professor, Memorial University
Gregory Phipps 2010 Peter Gibian Assistant Professor, University of Iceland
Hoffmann, Deborah 2010 Miranda Hickman Lecturer, University of Regina
Honeyman, Chelsea 2010 Jamie Fumo  
Oltmann, Christina 2010 David Hensley Instructor, John Abbott College
Wright, Myra 2010 Wes Folkerth Visiting Assistant Professor, Bates College
Margalit, Yael 2009 Michael Bristol Full-time teaching position, John Abbott College
Anderson, David 2008 Paul Yachnin Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma
Feenstra, Robin 2008 Allan Hepburn Full-time teaching position, Dawson College
King, Stephanie 2008 Allan Hepburn Professor, Marianopolis College
MacDonald, Tara 2008 Tabitha Sparks Associate Professor, University of Idaho
Morel, Pauline 2008 Nathalie Cooke Lecturer, Dawson College
Stephenson, Liisa 2008 Allan Hepburn Communications Director, Office of the President, York University
Wright, David 2008 Miranda Hickman Assistant Professor, Douglas College
Bar-On Santor, Gefen 2007 Peter Sabor and Paul Yachnin Part-time Professor, University of Ottawa
Boyd, Shelley 2007 Nathalie Cooke Faculty Member, Kwantlen Polytechnical University
Kavanagh, Matt 2007 Sean Carney College Professor, Okanagan College
Koopman, Jennifer 2007 Maggie Kilgour Lecturer, Dawson College
Polley, Jason 2007 Allan Hepburn Associate Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University
Vollick, Erin 2007 Allan Hepburn Communications Officer, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto
Frey, Christopher 2006 Kenneth Borris Assistant Professor, Alberta College of Art and Design
Hutchison, Lorna 2006 Nathalie Cooke Affiliate Professor, Metropolitan State College of Denver
McAlonan, Pauline 2006 Miranda Hickman Instructor, Dawson College
Purdham, Medrie 2006 Brian Trehearne Assistant Professor , University of Regina
Travis, Keira 2006 Michael Bristol FQRSC Post-Doc (Oct.06), Stanford
Drouin, Jennifer 2005 Leanore Lieblein Associate Professor, University of Alabama
Lucas, Kristin 2005 Michael Bristol Assistant Professor, Nipissing University
Blanc, Marie Therese 2004 Nathalie Cooke Professor, Dawson College
Trainor, Kim 2004 Berkeley Kaite Sessional Lecturer, University of British Columbia
Djordjevic, Ivana 2003 David Williams Associate Professor, Concordia University
Egers, Wayne 2003 Janine Marchessault Freelance Editor
Hill, Colin 2003 Brian Trehearne Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Lokash, Jennifer 2003 Maggie Kilgour Associate Professor, Memorial University
McLeod, Alex 2003 Peter Ohlin Assistant Professor, St. Mary’s University
Saklofske, Jon 2003 James Treadwell Assistant Professor, Acadia University
Bowen, Michael John 2002 David Hensley Lecturer, Rostok University Germany
Chishty-Mujahid, Nadya 2002 Kenneth Borris Visiting Assistant Professor, Drake University
Flynn, Kevin 2002 Robert Lecker and Brian Trehearne Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan
Gillis, Lesley 2002 Tess O’Toole Department Chair - Fine Arts & Languages, Eastern Maine Community College
Hogarth, Claire 2002 David Hensley Lecturer in English at Örebro University
Kehler, Torsten 2002 Michael Bristol LTA, Simon Fraser University
Kocela, Chris 2002 Berkeley Kaite Associate Professor, Georgia State University
McIntyre, John 2002 Miranda Hickman Associate Professor, University of Prince Edward Island
Neufeld, Christine 2002 Sarah Westphal Full Professor, Eastern Michigan University
Ostrowidzki, Eric 2002 David Hensley Lecturer, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
Roy, Wendy 2002 Nathalie Cooke Professor, University of Saskatchewan
Bentley, Colene 2001 Gary Wihl Visiting Assistant Professor, Rice University
Clissold, Bradley 2001 Gary Wihl Associate Professor, Memorial University
Dredge, Sarah 2001 Gary Wihl Tutor, Sheffield Hallam University
Irvine, Dean 2001 Brian Trehearne Founder and Director, Agile Humanities Agency, Toronto
Kumar, Priya 2001 Karin Cope Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
Laver, Susan 2001 Mette Hjort and Michael Bristol Director, McGill Writing Centre
Chivers, Sally 2000 Sarah Westphal Assistant Professor, Trent University
Elmslie, Sue 2000 Robert Lecker Professor, Dawson College
Stewart, Janice 2000 Karin Cope Sessional Lecturer (Women’s Studies), University of British Columbia
Tagore, Proma 2000 Karin Cope Assistant Professor, University of Victoria
Ahern, Stephen 1999 David Hensley Full Professor, Acadia University
Bider, Noreen 1999 David Williams Instructor, Permanent, Vanier College
Brown, Peter Robert 1999 Michael Bristol and Paisley Livingston Associate Professor, Mount Allison University
Burnett, Linda 1999 Leanore Lieblein Assistant Professor, Algoma University College (Laurentian)
Cohen, Mark 1999 Nathalie Cooke Instructor, Perm., Vanier College
Ferrell, Joanne 1999 Leanore Lieblein Instructor, Permanent, Champlain College
Folkerth, Wes 1999 Michael Bristol Associate Professor, McGill University
Heckerl, David 1999 David Hensley and Hudson Meadwell Assistant Professor, St. Mary’s University
Joliffe, Christine 1999 David Williams Post- Doc., University of British Columbia
Sautter, Sabine 1999 Gary Wihl Professor, Dawson College
Slights, Jessica 1999 Michael Bristol Professor, Acadia University
Davison, Carol 1998 Maggie Kilgour Full Professor and Head of the Department of English, University of Windsor
Ferreira, Patty (Patricia J) 1998 Karin Cope Lecturer; Chair, Norwich University
Hay-Steinson, Elizabeth 1998 Nathalie Cooke Freelance consultant, writer, and editor in business sector, occasional lecturer at Concordia
Macfarlane, Karen 1998 Nathalie Cooke Professor, Mount St. Vincent University
Morgan, Dawn 1998 David Hensley Assistant Professor, St. Thomas University, Fredricton
Muller, Adam 1998 Paisley Livingston Associate Professor, University of Manitoba
Rogers, Janine 1998 Sarah Westphal Associate Professor, Mount Allison University
Rose, Gitte Braut 1998 Peter Ohlin Assistant Professor, Syddansk Universitet (University of Southern Denmark)
Sugars, Cynthia 1998 Marike Finlay Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
Abdalla, Laila 1997 David Williams Associate Professor, University of Central Washington
DeCoste, Damon Marcel 1997 Michael Bristol Assistant Professor, University of Regina
Findlay, Isobel 1997 Kerry McSweeney Associate Professor, Edwards School of Business (University of Saskatchewan)
Graham, Catherine 1997 Leanore Lieblein and Darko Suvin Associate Professor - Theatre & Film, McMaster University
Librizzi, Marcus 1997 Michael Bristol Associate Professor, University of Maine, Machias
Denisoff, Dennis 1996 Paisley Livingston and Brian Trehearne McFarlin Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture, University of Tulsa
Holmes, Michael 1996 Michael Bristol Non-academic, Hill and Knowlton
Hulan, Renee 1996 Robert Lecker Associate Professor; Associate Dean of Research, St. Mary's University
Johnston, Susan 1996 Michael Bristol Associate Professor, University of Regina
Morgentaler, Goldie 1996 Michael Bristol Full Professor, University of Lethbridge
Ngg, Genice 1996 Leanore Lieblein Assistant Professor, SIM University (Head)
Sloboda, Nicholas 1996 William Wees Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Superior
Swirski, Peter 1996 Paisley Livingston Associate Professor, Hong Kong University
Johnson, Nancy 1995 David Hensley Associate Professor, S.U.N.Y., New Paltz
Pennee, Donna 1994 Robert Lecker Professor, Western University
Roberts, Hugh 1994 Chris Heppner Associate Professor, University of California, Irvine
Bruhm, Steven 1992 Maggie Kilgour Robert and Ruth Lumsden Professor of English; Chair of Graduate Studies in English, Western University
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