The English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) represents English graduate students at the departmental level and throughout other applicable levels of the university (including the Post-Graduate Student’s Association and AGSEM). We provide and circulate information to English graduate students through a variety of channels including this page, our Facebook group, our Twitter account (@egsamcgill), and our listserv. We foster a welcoming and stimulating academic and social environment for graduate students within the department, through a variety of social and professional-development events. All graduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently registered in the Department of English are members of this Association, and are warmly encouraged to attend all events and meetings.

To contact EGSA or find out more, please e-mail: egsa-english.pgss [at]

2023-24 EGSA Executive:

Chief Officers

  • Ph.D. President: Marie Trotter (marie.trotter [at]
  • Vice President, Finance: Jay Ritchie (james.ritchie [at]
  • M.A. Presidents: Aamna Rashid (aamna.rashid [at] and Brittany Buscio (brittany.buscio [at]

Professional Development Committee

  • Mona Abousidou (mona.abousidou [at]
  • Brianna Blackwell (brianna.blackwell [at]

Social Committee

  • Cadence Thakur (cadence.thakur [at]
  • Diana Kobetic (diana.kobetic [at]
  • Sahar Hamrouni (sahar.hamrouni [at]
  • Abigail Butler (abigail.butler [at]

Conference Committee

  • Charlotte Frank (charlotte.frank [at]
  • Georgi De Rham (georgiana.derham [at]
  • Emily McConkey (emily.mcconkey [at]
  • Taylor Rousselle (taylor.rousselle [at]

Equity and Diversity

  • Juliette Naeveke (juliette.naeveke [at]

MA Curriculum Representatives

  • Cal Smith (caleb.smith2 [at]
  • Chetan Bhatnagar (chetan.bhatnagar [at]

PhD Curriculum Representative

  • Adam Hill (adam.hill [at]

Visiting Speaker Series Liaisons

  • Sam Fisch (samantha.fisch-kessous [at]
  • Mel (Melissa) Au ( [at]

AGSEM Delegate

  • Hannah Link ( [at]

MCLIU Delegate

  • Anna Torvaldsen (anna.torvaldsen [at]

ACCUTE Representative

  • Kayla Penteliuk (kayla.pentelium [at]

Nominating Committee and Hiring Committee Representative

  • Riv Chénier (riv.chenier [at]

PGSS Representative

  • Jay Ritchie (james.ritchie [at]
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