Home Directory and Additional Storage

EMF Home Directory

The H:\ drive is your home drive, and is designated for your files. It can be accessed from any computer on the EMF network. This space is also used by some of the software applications to create temporary software-specific configuration files.

Students are expected to manage this space using memory sticks/drives and CD-R/CD-RW media to store any files beyond their quota. The standard disk quota (file space) is 1.2 GB. Folders (directories) and sub-folders can be created using Windows Explorer.

Students should ensure to have ~ 150MB to 200MB of free space on their EMF home directory. * If full (i.e. 0% free), software programs/files may not run/launch properly.

For home directory policy visit: EMF Home Directory Policy.

Additional Storage

a) An additional 100MB of network storage space is available to all students and can be found on the P:\ drive. It is provided and maintained by McGill’s Central IT services (ICS helpdesk).

b) Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business is also available for all students. OneDrive cloud file storage provides 1 TB of storage space for personal use. For more information visit: OneDrive (cloud file storage).

Note: EMF does not manage/administer these storages and is not responsible for any data stored on these drives.

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