ECP's Dr. Nancy Heath Gives Back to Schools!

Dr. Nancy Heath - Globe and Mail
Published: 25 April 2013

Dr. Nancy Heath, James McGill Professor in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, was interviewed in the Globe and Mail about her research on students stress when transitioning from elementary school to high school.

The Heath Research Team are now giving back to participating schools and students by offering a Stress Management workshop this year.

“When kids are saying, ‘I’m highly stressed,’ we need to take it seriously and start teaching them ways to start managing that stress,” Prof. Heath said. “Otherwise, they’re flailing around and some of them are engaging in really problematic behaviours.”

Dr. Heath along with Amy Shapiro, Masters candidate in Educational Psychology, co-created the workshop, titled "StressOFF Strategies", and have received excellent reviews from student participants, teachers, and mental health professionals. So far 700 grade 9 students have completed the single-session workshop, and 1500 more students are scheduled to complete the workshop by the end of May 2013!

Congratulations on all the success!

Please visit Globe and Mail "Starting high school: Stress that can last", to read the full article.

To learn more about Dr. Heath's research please visit the Heath Research Team website.

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