Drs. Breuleux and Hall Awarded SSHRC Partnership Development Grants



The Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology would like to congratulate Dr. Alain Breuleux, Associate Professor in the Learning Sciences Program, on being awarded the SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Partnership Grant for the project titled, Professional learning network for digital literacy and disciplinary understanding in school.

ECP would also like to congratulate Dr. Nathan C. Hall, Assistant Professor of the Learning Sciences Program, on being awarded SSHRC Partnership Development Grant for the project titled, The first-year experience: An international motivational perspective, with Dr. Thomas Götz, Adjunct Professor in ECP and Professor at University of Konstanz.

'“The research network supported by the Partnership Development Grant offers us the opportunity to exchange ideas and facilitate research in a highly collaborative manner. Above all, this funding allows us to better support students in implementing their research ideas and initiatives and advancing their academic careers”, says Professor Dr. Nathan Hall...'

To read more about this grant, please click on the following link.