Collaboration between Dr. Ève-Marie Quintin's BAND research group, Commission Scolaire des Draveurs, and musicians, is winner of Québec Prix À Part Entière award

Published: 21 June 2018

A team involving the research group of Ève-Marie Quintin has been awarded first prize at Québec's Prix À part entière, in the category of Commissions scolaires et établissements d'enseignement de niveau primaire ou secondaire soutenant la réussite éducative ("School boards and education institutions, elementary or secondary schools, supporting educational success"). 

The prize was awarded to the team headed by the Commission scolaire des Draveurs’ team; the team also included  Dr. Ève-Marie Quintin's BAND research group, and the community organization of musicians APPROSH-EducaTED. They received the award yesterday at Parliament in Québec City as part of the Prix À Part Entière annual ceremonies, on behalf of L’Office Des Personnes Handicapées Du Québec (OPHQ).

Dr. Ève-Marie Quintin is director of the BAND (Behaviour, Autism, and NeuroDevelopment) research group, composed of six graduate students and several undergraduate research assistants, and based out of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology at the Faculty of Education. BAND's research looks at the trajectories of cognitive, socioemotional, and brain development throughout childhood and adolescence, specifically by focusing on music perception and cognition. The group investigates typical development and neurodevelopmental disorders, notably autism spectrum disorders and Fragile X syndrome. 


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