Parents shouldn’t worry if their infant doesn’t sleep through the night by 6-12 months of age: New research led by ECP's Dr. Pennestri

Published: 13Nov2018

New parents often expect their baby to start sleeping through the night by around six months of age. Indeed, they often receive messages from paediatricians and others about the importance of early...

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McGill Mindfulness Research Laboratory launches website

Published: 23Oct2018

The McGill Mindfulness Research Lab (MMRL), led by Dr. Bassam Khoury, of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, has launched a new website at

ECP Profs. Susanne Lajoie, Krista Muis appointed to Royal Society of Canada

Published: 11Sep2018

Professors Susanne Lajoie and Krista Muis were appointed to the Royal Society of Canada, McGill University announced today....

New research from ECP examines role of bystanders in cyberbullying

Published: 31Jul2018

Bystanders in cyberbullying: Where are all your friends during a cyberbullying episode?

Spring 2018 edition of "Dialogues", newsletter of the Dept. of Educational and Counselling Psychology

Published: 19Apr2018

The spring 2018 edition of Dialogues, the biannual newsletter of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP), has been published and may be viewed online here (.pdf).