Macro CT Scanner

Macro CT Scanner – Canon Aquilion Prime SP

A potted red currant (Red Lake) tree, waiting for the macro-CT scanning of its branching pattern and leaf canopy, on the couch of the Canon CT Aquilion Prime SP.

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Canon Aquilion Prime SP


A console (including a desktop computer, a monitor and a keyboard) in a room separate from the CT scanner room

Features and Applications

78-cm (diameter) gantry

Gantry tilting (≤ 30 degrees)

1.5-m (length) x 47-cm (width) couch

Two fields of view, FOV (medium, M: 32 cm, large, L: 50 cm), with the possibility of multiple regions of interest (ROI) for each FOV using enlargement ratios


CT-scanning data acquisition modes: Helical, Volume, Scan & View

At least 5 filters and 86 reconstruction kernels (from Smoother to Sharper)

DICOM-format output files with graphical and numerical materials

Data transfers (network, disk)

Electron Source

X-ray tube

Voltage: 80, 100, 120 and 135 kV

Current: 10 mA to 600 mA


0.5 mm × 80 PURE VISION detector row


Aquilion MPR (Multi-Planar image Reconstruction)

Aquilion 3D (three-dimensional image reconstruction)

K-PACS (free Dicom viewer)


R1-033, R1-033a


Featured images of berry tree CT scanning provided by: Dr. Pierre Dutilleul and Liwen Han.

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