Multi-Scale Imaging Facility Fee Structure

Customers from outside McGill University or affiliated institutions should note that, depending on the type of contract signed with McGill, McGill Financial Services might bill you an over-head of up to 40% in addition to QST and GST.

Instruments marked with an * cannot be used without the constant presence of a Facility staff member, unless a written exception has been provided by the Facility Manager. Unless stated otherwise the required consumables and technical assistance will be billed separately. For an estimate of the costs, please musif-ecp3 [at] (subject: Quote%20for%20sample%20preparation) (contact) a Facility staff member.

Corporate users should musif-ecp3 [at] (contact) the Facility for an estimate/quote.





Axio ImagerZ1 epi-fluorescence and Apotome

11 16.5

Confocal and Spinning disk-TIRF* Microscopes

21 36

Hitachi TM-1000 scanning electron microscope

22 33

Zeiss SteREO Discovery V.8

6 9

Zeiss SteREO Discovery V.20

11 16.5

Nikon inverted microscope with epi- fluorescence

11 16.5

Microwave oven Pelco BioWave

7 15

Ultramicrotomes Leica UCT and UC7*

11 16.5

CT Scanner – Canon Aquilion Prime SP*

75 100

Imaris Software

6 9

Cryo-fixation / freeze substitution* (Liquid nitrogen not included)

20 30

Critical point drying Leica CPD300

11 16.5

Coating for SEM (Au/Pd/C) Leica ACE200

11 16.5

Cryotome Leica CM3050s

17 25


Technical assistance will be billed on top of the above-listed prices, as follows:

McGill users and UdeS ECP3: $50/hour

Academic: $60/hour

The technical assistance includes, but is not limited to, help provided with experimental design, execution of experiments, partial or complete image/data analysis and interpretation, proof reading of grant proposals and publications related to imaging.

Note: The prices apply for the current fiscal year and will be revised without prior notice for subsequent fiscal years. The prices will be automatically updated on the Facility website.

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