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This program prepares students to become specialist teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL) and Greek Language and Culture. TESL preparation is for both the elementary level (including regular and intensive ESL) and the secondary level (including regular ESL and EESL – Enriched English as a Second Language). Teaching Greek Language and Culture preparation is also for the elementary and secondary levels at Hellenic schools. This integrated 120-credit program (150 credits for out-of-province students) consists of academic and professional components. The academic components provide students with opportunities to develop in-depth understandings of Greek language and culture and to study language and language learning from linguistic, social, cultural, and psychological perspectives. The professional components revolve around school-based field experiences, which are supported by studies in pedagogy and educational foundations.

Please follow the admission requirements for B.Ed. TESL program


Reminder: Address your interest in the ‘Teaching Greek Language and Culture Option/Concentration' in your required letter of intent. 

Please note that there are additional entrance and language requirements for the B.Ed. TESL – Teaching Greek Language and Culture Option/Concentration.

Prior to being offered admission, all applicants must pass the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) set by the Department of Integrated Studies in Education and must also pass a Greek Language Proficiency Test set by the Department of History and Classical Studies. Eligible applicants will be contacted by email with information as to how to register for these two tests. 

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) - Teaching English as a Second Language - TESL Elementary and Secondary:Teaching Greek Language & Culture (120 Credits)


English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT)

Applicants to the B.Ed. TESL program must register for a testing date after the Admissions Office has confirmed that they are academically admissible to the program.  

2021 ELPT Testing Dates:


Register for ELPT

To register for the test, click here.

About the Test

Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and closure of McGill University campuses, the ELPT will be conducted online. Visit for up to date information on McGill’s response to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The purpose of the test is to determine whether your level of written and oral English meets the standards we require of students taking TESL courses. There is nothing you can do to prepare, so please come to the test well rested and ready to show us how good your English is!

The test consists of two portions: a written portion and an individual oral interview. Both portions of the test will be conducted via the video conferencing platform Zoom and will be recorded. You will need a device, such as a computer, tablet or phone, with audio and video capability and a high-speed internet connection [so that we can see and hear you and you can see and hear us in real time].

The written portion consists of a handwritten essay that you will write in response to a prompt that we will provide at the beginning of the testing session. For the written portion, you will be allowed 45 minutes. The oral interview will take place on the same day or the day after the written portion; we will contact you individually to schedule this. The interview itself will take between 20 and 30 minutes.

Once you have registered for a day and time, we will contact you with more information about the testing procedures and more details about the test itself.

Please contact [at] for more information.

Payment - $37.71 (NON REFUNDABLE)

B.Ed. TESL applicants have already paid the testing fee at the time of application.

For other applicants, given the Covid-19 situation our payment method is being revised. Once you register, we will contact you directly with payment details.


Greek Language Proficiency Test

A Greek language proficiency test is not required if the applicant possesses Greek language certification (within 5 years) from either:  

Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal

for more information click here.

or The Hellenic American Union

for more information click here.

Certification should be emailed to:

Professor Anastassios Anastassiadis (Dept. of History and Classical Studies) and the Dept. of Integrated Studies in Education Emails: tassos.anastassiadis [at]; [at]  Subject line: Greek Language Certification

If Greek Language Certification is not available, please contact:

Professor Anastassios Anastassiadis McGill Department of History and Classical Studies Email: tassos.anastassiadis [at]  Subject line: Greek Language Test


Note: Field experiences in the TESL program at McGill are completed in French schools (including Hellenic Schools). Students accepted into the program who are not proficient in French, are advised to take French language courses as early as possible. In addition, 'EDSL 215 Effective French Communication for ESL Teachers in Quebec' is a required course in the program, and is designed to prepare students for this context.  

Sample Registration Advice


For more information, please don't hesitate to contact theTESL-GREEK.EDUCATION [at] ( Department of Integrated Studies in Education.)


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