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Applicants who submit their application (including all required documents) on or before November 1, 2021 will receive an EARLY DECISION regarding their admissibility for the MATL program.

Applicants who receive early admission decisions but with outstanding pre-requisite course requirements to fulfill the minimum 45 credit of disciplinary background are strongly encouraged to complete pre-requisite courses prior to the start of the MATL program. Students who receive early admission will have the winter term (January to April) prior to the May start of the MATL program to complete pre-requisite courses.

Please note, we will not pre-assess 45 credits of disciplinary background self-assessment grids prior to application. Applicants whose academic performance is below the university minimum might experience delays in receiving an offer.

MATL Teaching English as a Second Language- Prospective Students

The Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL) is a professional program leading to Quebec teacher certification at the secondary school level.  The TESL concentration leads to certification at both the elementary and secondary levels.  This 60-credit degree program is comprised of 45 credits of coursework, coupled with 15 credits of internship. Students engage in a broad range of theoretical, experiential and practical coursework designed to develop skills, abilities and attributes required by the complexities of teaching and learning in today’s rapidly changing world. The internship component is comprised of two school-based internships and is organized by the Internships & Student Affairs office.

During the MATL program each student will complete a self-directed Capstone Research Project and a professional e-portfolio. The purpose of the Capstone Research Project is to provide pre-service teachers with opportunities for in depth engagement, reflection and inquiry on educational topics/themes of significant professional interest and relevance. The purpose of the e-portfolio is to document personal and professional learning and growth throughout the program. It is a tool for gathering information, artifacts, and reflections on the student’s development of the Ministry of Education’s 12 Teacher Professional Competencies throughout their program of study. Evidence of mastery of these competencies is required for successful program completion. Upon successful completion of the program, students are recommended to the Quebec Ministry of Education for teacher certification.

A complete list of program requirements, including course descriptions and prerequisites can be found on the eCalendar program entry.

N.B. Field experiences in the MATL TESL program at McGill are completed in French schools. Students accepted into the program should have a functional level of French proficiency. MATL TESL students are encouraged to take additional French classes if necessary, and may request to take EDSL 215 Communication in Education for TESL in Quebec (scheduling permitting) above and beyond program requirements. 

Please be advised that MATL TESL graduates applying for positions in French schoolboards in the province of Quebec, are required to pass a standardized French Language test.  This is to ensure their ability to professionally communicate with parents, teachers and support staff.

Program Overview

Students must begin the program with designated courses in the MATL Summer Term, which begins May 1st.  The 60 credit program can be completed on a 5/6 terms.  Students may opt to  take longer than 5/6 terms to complete the MATL program. In this case, it is the students responsibility to set up an appointment with the matl.education [at] mcgill.ca (MATL advisor) to map out a program sequence in accordance with University and Graduate Studies policies.

Current class schedules can be viewed via the Dynamic Schedule.


Applicants should meet the following requirements:

  1. Possess an undergraduate degree.
  2. Have at least 45 discipline specific credits (university level). Applicants must complete the TESL Self-Assessment Grid (PDF-Fillable version or Word version) to self-assess whether their background meets the 45 credit minimum requirement in their discipline. 

    Courses listed must be at the 200 level or higher (no freshman level courses) and you must have received a grade of “C” or higher, per McGill standard.  These credits may be taken as part of a degree or as an independent/special student. 

    Note that it is preferable to have all 45 credits of background completed to the start of the MATL program. To ensure adequate time to complete missing discipline-specific credits, we recommend applying to the Early Decision deadline (see above). Applicants missing up to, but not exceeding, 6 discipline-specific credits may be accepted into the MATL program. The completion of missing credits will be consider a condition of program completion. Students are strongly encouraged to complete outstanding discipline-specific credits prior to the start of the MATL program. In exceptional circumstances, students may be allowed to complete outstanding discipline-specific credits during the MATL program; however these credits should be completed prior to beginning the subject-area specific methods course (Fall 2021). Failure to complete outstanding discipline-specific credits may result is a deferral of the first internship placement. This deferral will result in a  significant delay in the students program completion. 

  3. Have minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is 3.0 out of a possible 4.0, or a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.2 out of 4.0 in the last two years of full-time studies.
  4. Experience working/volunteering in formal/informal education or youth sector. Informal teaching experience includes, but is not limited to, camp counselor, tutoring, mentoring, coaching, etc.

Admission decisions for graduate programs at McGill are holistic, meaning that many factors are taken into consideration in the admission decision, including academic credentials and grades. The eligibility requirements outline the minimum requirements for admission to the MATL program at McGill. These minimum requirements apply to both Canadian and international candidates. Please review the list carefully, as you must meet all of the minimum requirements in order to be considered for acceptance. Keep in mind that meeting the minimum admissions requirements does not guarantee your admission.

Application submission:

Applications for all graduate level programs are completed and submitted online, via uApply.  Click on the red "Apply Now" icon to begin the process. Admissions to the MATL open as of May 15 and closes January 15 for Canadian applicants (International applicants- November 1).  Follow the application process for graduate studies, Summer term, through the Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE). Apply into the Masters of Arts in Teaching and Learning. Please make sure to indicate the appropriate concentration area (TESL).

English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT)- Applicants to the MATL TESL program must pass the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) as a condition of admission.  Additionally, because MATL TESL students will have internship placements in French schools, MATL TESL students are expected to have the capacity to function effectively in a French speaking environment . Therefore, the ELPT also includes an assessment of applicants' abilities to functionally communicate in French. Once the department has confirmed academic admissibility to the MATL program, applicants to the MATL TESL program will receive an email detailling regsitration procedures for the ELPT- with French component. 

Required Documents

  • A current working CV
  • A 1-2 page Letter of Intent, specifying relevant academic and professional experience (or explanation for limited experience), particularly experience related to education or other work with secondary school-aged children (middle and high school), and outlining your reasons for pursuing the teaching profession and subject of specialization (TESL). Please comment on the importance of subject matter expertise; the social, ethical and political responsibility inherent in the teaching profession; and your interest in engaging in inquiry around educational questions.
  • A completed TESL Self-Assessment Grid (PDF-Fillable version or Word version) NB, Grids must be typed and not hand written
  • A copy of your unofficial transcripts from all previous university level studies ((undergraduate and graduate, including exchanges with other institutions, even if the credits appear on your home institution transcript).  Official transcripts are required after you are officially admitted to the program.
  • Two letters of recommendation, one from a university-level instructor and the second from a professional who has supervised you in a formal or informal education or youth sector position (if you have experience working in a formal school setting, one letter must be from a school / school board administrator qualified to assess your professional qualities). You will be prompted to provide the names and contact information of your referees in uApply.  An email request will be generated prompting referees to upload their letter of recommendation directly to uApply.
  • CASPer test. All applicants to the MATL at McGill University are required to complete an online assessment called the CASPer Test, to assist with our admissions selection process.

    Important: Applicants can create and submit their applications prior to sitting for test however they are required to confirm that they have registered by providing their exam date and time in their application.

    English Language Proficiency Requirement (if applicable): Applicants to graduate studies whose mother tongue is not English and who have not completed an undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized foreign institution where English is the institutional language of instruction or from a recognized Canadian institution (anglophone or francophone), must meet one of the following English proficiency criteria:

    • IELTS with a minimum overall band of 7.0; with a minimum Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading score of 7.0; or
    • TOEFL:iBT (Internet-based test) – total score of 92 with a minimum score of 22 each for the Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading sections. N.B. Applicants are required to submit their scores electronically.
  • Applicants who meet the above English language requirement must also pass the departmental English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT)- with French component to be eligible for admission (see more information on this test below)
  • An interview with the admissions committee may be requested

Additional Information about English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT)- with French component

Applicants to the MATL TESL program must register for a testing date after the department has confirmed academic admissibility to the program. Applicants will receive more details about how to register by email.

2021 ELPT Testing Dates:

    January 28, 2021 (9am, 1 pm, 5pm, 9pm)

    March 11, 2021 (9am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm)

    April 8, 2021 (9am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm)

    The purpose of the test is to determine whether your level of written and oral English meets the standards we require of students taking TESL courses. There is nothing you can do to prepare, so please come to the test well rested and ready to show us how good your English is!

    Register for ELPT

    To register for the test, click here.

    About the Test

    The test consists of two parts: a written part and an individual oral interview. The written part includes an English editing task, a cloze task, and an extended writing task. During the written part, you will be allowed only writing utensils and an eraser. You may not use a paper dictionary, nor any electronic aids.

    The written part of the test will take place from 9:00 – 11:00 AM, after which individual oral interviews are scheduled. Please plan to be available until 4:00 PM on the testing day.

    Payment - $37.71 (NON REFUNDABLE)

    MATL TESL applicants are required to pay a $36.29 fee (NON REFUNDABLE) to take the test. Applicants must bring a certified cheque or money order made out to McGill University with them to the test. This can be obtained at any bank or Canada post office. Our office is not equipped to accept cash, personal cheques, debit or credit cards.

    Distance Testing

    If you are unable to attend a testing date at McGill and reside more than five hours round-trip from Montreal, distance testing is an option for you. Please contact advisedise.education [at] mcgill.ca for more information.

    Contact Info:

    matl.education [at] mcgill.ca (subject: MATL%20Information) (Andrea Nguyen) – MATL Program Coordinator (On Leave)
    514-398-4527 Ext. 094476

    matl.education [at] mcgill.ca (Lauren Felmeth) – MATL Program Coordinator
    514-398-4527 Ext. 094476

    mindy.carter [at] mcgill.ca (subject: MATL%20information) (Dr. Mindy Carter) – Director of Teacher Education Programs

    sheryl.smithgilman [at] mcgill.ca (subject: MATL%20Information) (Dr. Sheryl Smith-Gilman)- Assistant Director of Teacher Education Programs

    Program information is organized for two distinct groups:

    Prospective Students    Currently Registered

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