PhD Educational Studies - Language Acquisition Option

The Ph.D. in Educational Studies provides an integrative perspective on education by drawing on a range of related disciplines and research orientations. Students develop scholarly and innovative expertise in at least one of three contexts of inquiry and awareness of all three: a) the broad context of culture and society; b) the international, national, and local contexts of educational leadership and policy studies; and c) the more specific contexts of schools and other sites of teaching and learning. Students begin with a set of common core courses and proceed to specialization through advanced coursework and dissertation topics focused on areas of expertise that are supported by the research interests of current faculty members.

This option is an interdisciplinary program for students who satisfy all program requirements for the Ph.D. in Educational Studies. The option requires 8 credits (4 required 2-credit courses) as well as one 3-credit complementary course chosen from approved courses offered by the Departments of Integrated Studies in Education, Linguistics, Psychology, and Social Work. The Ph.D. thesis must be on a topic relating to language acquisition, approved by the LAP committee.

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