Employment Opportunities

Working for DISE 

DISE employment opportunities fall in the following categories:

  • Academic Tenure-Track Positions
  • Faculty Lecturers
  • Course Lecturers
  • Teaching Assistants and Graders
  • Research Associates and Assistants
  • Admin/Support Staff (non-academic positions)
  • Casuals

All employment information and applications go through the Workday software system. View the current opportunities by entering "DISE" in the Workday searchbar:

Internal Candidates Here are some helpful tips for submitting applications: 
  • You are strongly encouraged to submit a cover letter along with your CV. Each course posting specifically outlines the desired expertise, education, experience, knowledge, and skills required. Please speak to those directly in your cover letter.  

  • Your CV should concisely support the qualifications you have stated in your cover letter. If additional materials are needed, we will request them. 

  • Please only submit applications for positions that you are qualified for. Casting a wide net by applying for courses or positions you have little or no qualification rarely increases your chances of being hired.

  • Please review your application materials carefully to ensure they are best suited to the position you are applying for.

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