Graduate Students with DH research

Digital Humanities at McGill spans across several languages, topics, and disciplines. Learn more about the graduate students in the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures who engage with Digital Humanities research. 

Chris Borst


Chris Borst is outside with a baseball cap smiling

Chris Borst is a MA student of DH. He is interested in mastering text mining to analyze ideologies of childhood, history of ideas, sociology of knowledge & discourse analysis.

Kate Bundy

Kate Bundy is smiling in front of artwork

Katherine (Kate) Bundy is a doctoral candidate of Hispanic Studies and was Project Manager of Digital Humanities Initiatives (2020-2022). Her dissertation applies DH through critical metadata analysis and mapping of Ibero-american short films during Web 2.0. See Kate Bundy's website to learn more about ongoing projects and interests.

Bal Krishna Dhakal

Bal Krishna Dhakal is smiling while standing outside

Bal Krishna Dhakal is a MA student of Digital Humanities, and he works with text mining, machine learning, and postcolonial DH tools.

Sil Hamilton

Sil Hamilton is smiling in front of a brick wall

Sil Hamilton received his B.A. in English and Multimedia from McMaster University, and he is a current M.A. student of Digital Humanities at McGill University. His academic interests range from topics within the Anglo-Frisian language family to cultural manifestations of the early Internet. His primary pursuit lies in designing digital tools for revealing implicit bodies of knowledge in lesser explored subjects, such as text-generating neural networks.

Stephen Keller

Stephen Keller is standing in front of a white wall wearing glasses and a beard

Stephen Keller is pursuing his MA in Digital Humanities and has an interest in information visualization and cultural analytics. His previous education includes a BA completed in Brazil - his native country - in Mass Communication with a focus in Advertising and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Futures at OCAD University in Toronto where he worked as a Research Assistant at the Visual Analytics Lab and worked in projects related to User Interfaces and Information Visualization.

Kaylin Land

Kaylin Land is crouching in the forest and smiling

Kaylin Land is a doctoral student in Russian Studies. Her research compares American astronaut and Soviet/Russian cosmonaut memoirs of space exploration using digital literary text analysis. She is currently working with Prof. Geoffrey Rockwell at the University of Alberta on Spyral Notebooks, a notebook environment extension of Voyant Tools.

Margaret Meehan

Margaret Meehan seated on a porch

Margaret Meehan is a MA student in Digital Humanities. She received her B.S. from Cornell University in Information Science. She is interested in computational cultural analysis, with a focus on digital visual culture.

Alayne Moody

Alayne Moody smiling in front of a lake in autumn

Alayne Moody is a recent graduate of the Ad-hoc MA in DH. She studies digitized historical migrant letters using the tools of computational text analysis. Some of the features that she examines are sentiment, topics and social networks. 

Zoe Paul

Zoe Paul is a graduate student in the Ad-Hoc MA program in Digital Humanities, and she has a BA in English and Anthropology from Simon Fraser University. Returning to graduate school after working on the frontlines of the pandemic, she is interested in feminist approaches to DH research.

Lidia Ponce de la Vega 

Lidia Ponce de la Vega smiling in front of a sunny window

Lidia Ponce de la Vega is a doctoral candidate of Hispanic Studies, and her research applies DH through topic modeling, web analytics, and mapping to critically explore the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Heather Rogers

Heather Rogers is smiling in front of a lake

Heather Rogers is a MA student in DH. Her DH interests include digital environmental humanities, botanical history, digital preservation, and the intersection of academic libraries and DH.

Nikoo Sarraf 

Nikoo Sarraf smiling in front of a box of flowers

Nikoo Sarraf is originally from Clarksville, Maryland and has been living in Montreal for the past four years. She just graduated from McGill with a BA in Computer Science and Hispanic Studies, and she is excited to be returning for 2 more years. Her research interests include text mining and social media analysis.

Katrin Rohrbacher

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Katrin Rohrbacher is a doctoral student of German Studies. Working at the intersection of literature, digital cultures, and social theory, her dissertation examines how quantitative models and digital libraries can shed new light on the practices used to configure fictional space in German literature throughout the 19th and 20th Century.

Lisa Teichmann

A black and white image of Lisa Teichmann smiling

Lisa Teichmann is a PhD student in German Studies. Her dissertation project focuses on developing a model to quantitatively analyse German literature in translation between 1990 and 2020. She is also specialized in Turkish Language and Literature and is working on ways to map spatial narratives in Turkish fiction. She is part of txtLab and NovelTM: A Multi-University Digital Humanities Initiative. She is also affiliated with the Media Ecosystem Observatory and with the Academiae Corpora (Austrian Academy of Sciences). She is also a radio show host on CKUT 90.3 FM and has a music project under the name Pulsatilla

Robyn Wang 

Robyn Wang smiling in front of the painting The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

Robyn Wang is recent MA graduate in Digital Humanities, and she engages with data mining and visualization. She has applied Topic Modeling & Word Embedding(Word2Vec) to explore how the Industrial Revolution & Feminism shifted Women's English literature (1778-1930). Her thesis project mines and maps the Chinese American Writer Eileen Chang’s correspondence to explore her social network in diaspora and the sinophone literary communication during the Cold War.

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