Where are they now? Alumni of McGill DH

Checking in with recent graduates of the Ad hoc MA in Digital Humanities
Image by Rut Miit .

To best understand how the Ad Hoc MA in Digital Humanities prepares students for the next steps after graduation, we spoke with two recent graduates from the program about their experience and career aspirations. 

Meet Alayne Moody.

a portrait of alayne

Alayne is pursuing her PhD part-time and remotely at Flinders University and working as a part-time research assistant at the Tahatikonhsontóntie' Québec Network Environment for Indigenous Health Research. The most useful DH skills that Alayne applies are communicating research in teams and in presentations, programming skills (R, Python, Jupyter Notebook), and statistical techniques like regression analysis.

Her advice for DH students:

Think about your thesis topic early on and link every project component of your DH courses to it.

Meet Robyn Wang.

a portrait of robyn

Since September, she's been living in Toronto and applying for entry-level jobs in data science and analytics. The most useful DH skills that Robyn learned from the MA program are text mining, data mining, and UX design. She continues to study statistics and business knowledge to hone her skills in data science in preparation for job interviews.

Her advice to DH students:

Get a clear idea of what you want to do after you graduate and what you want to learn from the program as early as possible.

Did you know about the The McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS)?

They provide services and advisors to help students with career development and job & internship placements. 

Email: careers.caps [at] mcgill.ca | Phone: 514-398-3304

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