Get oriented with Digital Humanities in 3 easy steps

New to DH? Here's your official starter pack.
Image by Christine Hume.

We've all been there. That overwhelming feeling of entering into a new discipline, scratching the surface, and realizing just how far down the rabbit hole goes. In just a few moves, you can equip yourself with some essential resources that will start to fill in those knowledge gaps in no time.

Step 1: Browse existing DH guidebooks and toolkits online

Digital Humanities can often be a treasure hunt for toolkits and guides across the Internet. Here are some quick stops to browse DH topics and tools of interest across a variety of DH methodologies and approaches.

Step 2: Look through journals and consider contributing

It's a great idea to peruse the landscape of Digital Humanities research, and some of the best places to access that are in journals. Here are a few well-known DH research journals.

Step 3: Discover & attend upcoming conferences, workshops and lectures

Some of the best networking and professional development happens at conferences and workshops (even online). Here are the top DH conferences that draw digital humanities from around the world.


These lists of online resources are just a small introduction to DH tools, research, and communities, but there's enough knowledge in these sites to give you a solid introduction to all things Digital Humanities. 

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