Student Spotlight: Nikoo Sarraf & Jennifer Chen

27 Apr 2022

Nikoo Sarraf recently graduated from McGill University with a BA in Computer Science and Hispanic Studies and is currently enrolled in the MA in Digital Humanities. Jennifer Chen is a second-year B...

Multilingual Research and Resources for DH

30 Mar 2022

An important and continuous debate in DH revolves around the overwhelmingly Anglocentric nature of the field. Think about it: even before learning a programming language, you need to know English....

Graduate Spotlight: Lidia Ponce de la Vega

13 Dec 2021

When the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) learned of Lidia's research on decolonizing metadata from their databases through a McGill DH social media post, their team embraced her dissertation's...

How to Explain Digital Humanities to Parents

26 Nov 2021

The holiday season is among us, and the incoming questions are inevitable from curious friends and family:

Where are they now? Alumni of McGill DH

24 Nov 2021

To best understand how the Ad Hoc MA in Digital Humanities prepares students for the next steps after graduation, we spoke with two recent graduates from the program about their experience and...

DH Communities Online

17 Nov 2021

In addition to safe, in-person socialization with colleagues at McGill, there are great ways to stay connected to the Digital Humanities buzz online. Here are three tips to help you keep up with...

Get oriented with Digital Humanities in 3 easy steps

10 Nov 2021

We've all been there. That overwhelming feeling of entering into a new discipline, scratching the surface, and realizing just how far down the rabbit hole goes. In just a few moves, you can equip...

Ad Hoc MA in Digital Humanities

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