Digital Humanities Courses

Both undergraduate and graduate courses in Digital Humanities are taught in the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures at McGill. Check their availability by clicking on the course titles.

Undergraduate Courses

*Please note that the following courses may not be offered every academic year. Check McGill's e-calendar for current offerings.

LLCU 212 - Understanding Dig&Social Media (3 credits)

Lectures will explore a range of topics related to technologies of contemporary digital and social media, with particular attention to understanding technical, historical, ethical and legal issues. Tutorials will help students to express themselves effectively with digital media, and especially on the web (HTML, images, audio, video).

LLCU 255 - Intro to Literary Text Mining (3 credits)

How might thinking about literature as data change our understanding of foundational categories like author, text, work, narrative, plot, character or even language? In order to address these questions, this course will introduce you to the basic concepts and practices of text mining (vector space models, distributional semantics, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and social network analysis) and the ways in which they have been applied to the study of literature. Weekly assignments will introduce you to the R software environment and will culminate in a final project of your own choosing. No prior programming experience is required.

LLCU 311 - Digital Studies/Citizenry (3 credits)

This course will provide a conceptual and practical understanding of how to leverage technologies in a range of common activities such as searching, social networking, presenting, and creating web content. The emphasis will be on using and understanding digital technologies in effective and ethical ways in our digital society.

LLCU 498 - Digital Project (3 credits)

Students will pursue digital projects through group instruction and individual supervision. Emphasis will be placed on effective project planning, appropriate research, theoretical framing, and effective communication. Students will be expected to present their work at an open symposium event at the end of term.

Graduate Courses

*Please note that the following courses may not be offered every academic year. Check McGill's e-calendar for current offerings.

LLCU 602 - The Digital Humanities (3 credits)* 

This course will provide theoretical and practical foundations for working in the digital humanities, covering topics such as digitization, encoding, analysis, and visualization. We will consider, critique, and engage with the new possibilities - and dangers - of digital scholarship. *This course is required for the Ad-hoc MA in Digital Humanities.*

LLCU 603 - Visual Culture (3 credits)

This seminar examines topics in visual culture in European and/or transatlantic cinema including film theory, aesthetics and historiography; media archeology; cinema and the digital; film and philosophy; cultural histories of the cinema; and intermedial approaches to moving images.

LLCU 607 - Topics in Thought (3 credits)

Special topics course focusing on a particularly relevant theme, recurrent motif, or seminal movement in European and/or transatlantic culture and thought.

LLCU 612 - Literary Text Mining (3 credits)

Digital texts are composed of discrete units of information that have the virtue of being infinitely malleable and reconfigurable, allowing new practices for searching, filtering, comparing, annotating, measuring, representing and understanding texts. From single works to virtual libraries, from canonical classics to contemporary social media, digital texts can provide rich fodder for interpretive practices in the digital humanities. This course will provide students with theoretical and practical foundations for working with a variety of digital texts.

LLCU 614 - Cultural Analytics (3 credits)

This course will serve as a critical introduction into the new tools and techniques that are being developed to study literature and culture at a vastly greater scale. Introduction to the computational analysis of culture.

LLCU 689 - Digital Humanities Proj Mgmt (6 credits)

Students will propose, plan, develop and deliver a substantial digital project within the broader academic context of the Digital Humanities. Emphasis will be placed on effective project planning, time and resource management, dissemination, and preservation. *Prerequisite: LLCU 602

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