This website is no longer updated...

This Website is no longer updated

Oups, this website is outdated! But Dialogue McGill has a new website!

Resources for Project Partners

Dialogue McGill Digital Library  

The Dialogue McGill Digital Library is a collection of digital objects and resources produced by community networks and other partners within the Retention Program.  The library hosts informational and promotional materials, in different formats including text, image, document, etc.  The library is maintained on a content management system, hosted by McGill University.  It supports major functions such as long-term organization of information, information retrieval, advanced search functions, import and export of documents.

Dialogue McGill Digital Library is also a platform for user collaboration. It is accessible for consultation by our partners. Members are given access and permissions to view, edit, add and remove content, depending on their roles and responsibilities.

Objectives and Goals

  •   To assist our partners in developing low cost promotional and informational materials by reducing the need to “reinvent the wheel” in each region.
  •   To provide a platform for collaboration, idea-sharing
  •   To increase accountability and to concretize the outcomes of our funding’s results


To access Dialogue McGill Digital Library, Click here to log in  

Accessible soon.

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